Written Examination For the Applicants For Zakat Chamber Office in the Gezira State


Hundreds of applicants for the Zakat chamber office in the Gezira state sat today  for a written exam at University of Gezira within the various competition stages to join these jobs. The Faculty of Economics and Rural Development supervised various technical aspects of the written examination, which includes accounting, statistics, information technology, and business administration.  The Zakat Chamber office in the Gezira state  had advertised about  20 jobs, 12 of which were for Sudanese certificate holders, and 8 for bachelor’s degrees in the fields of accounting, statistics, information technology and business administration. The Public Service Committee announced that 1,200 young men and women had applied to compete for the jobs of the Zakat state chamber.  The General Secretary of the Zakat chamber at the Gezira State  Dr. Al-Fateh Abdel Raouf accompanied by the dean of the faculty of economics Dr. Hassan Musa beside the officials of the Selection Committee visited the exams halls at El Nishishiba campous.