The Emergency Council of  Deans of the University of Gezira Confirms the Continuation of the Study

The Emergency Council of Deans of the University of Gezira Confirms the Continuation of the Study

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The Council of Deans of the University of Gezira, in its emergency meeting (2/2021), reiterated that there is no tendency to close the university.  The Vice Chancellor of the University of Gezira , chairman of the council Prof. Mohammad Taha Yousif emphasized In his speech,  stated that the demand for rights is a “legitimate matter” and fair, but that it should not cause harm to students and take into account the improvement of conditions in light of the economic and social reality of the state.  He called for placing the interests of students at the top of the priorities and demanding with improving the wages in the context of the higher education system by accompanying the issues of other University groups. He stated that: “The issue of demands is important and protected by the revolution.” Taha demands at the council’s meeting in the International Hall of Al-Razi campous today for organizing the administrative process to ensure the continuation of the academic process and to maintain stability away from hitting demanding issues. He pointed out that the open strike curve falls into the category of “civil disobedience.” It also represents a new trade union custom, and the practice of legitimate protests in an illegal manner.  He affirmed that the University administration continues to push with the Ministry of Higher Education and the Council of Ministers to implement the salary structure amendment, expressing his appreciation for the awareness of professors’ groups and their response to lifting the strike. He noted the applicability of the professors’ suffering in the economic and social aspects to about 35,000 university students, and greeted the students for their patience and considered them among the most important groups that helped stabilize the academic process during the last period.  In the context Taha greeted during the emergency council meeting that came to discuss the regularity and stability of the academic year, the victory of the revolution, its continuous progress and the self-motivation to protect it by the revolutionaries in a heroic aspect and the spontaneous Wathba that confirmed they are the key to its survival. He stressed that everyone is required to define his position on the revolution in the battle between the democratic-loving forces and the enemies of democracy, adding that there is no longer a “gray area”, and he warned that the civilian forces include more  putschxsists than the regular forces.