Among the “10” Faculties in the world, the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Gezira presents today its Experience in Social Responsibility

 The Faculty of Medicine at the University of Gezira was chosen among the “10” faculties in the world to present its experience in social responsibility. It is noteworthy that the selection was made after a careful examination and review that included dozens of medical faculties around the world through a detailed and updated questionnaire to measure the response towards social responsibility in four levels for the number “11” axes (including students – professors – curriculum – scientific research – partnerships – stakeholders – Social impact – etc.), with the submission of a self-evaluation study to the faculty and the required evidence. It is noteworthy that the project is sponsored by the Global Network of the Union for Health (TUFH) and the World Health Organization.   The Dean of the faculty Dr. Wael Nouri said that the faculty work team has completed the self-study (which is very similar to the accreditation steps) and that it was presented at the Esfiri’s meeting  with the arbitrators on July 12, noting that the summary of the faculty work will be presented within the selected faculties today, Friday, at 10 am, at the annual global conference of the network, It will be followed by a celebration for the participating faculties at 12 noon (The Conference this year is in Indonesia and the it will be held Esfiris), and Nouri added: “We congratulate the faculty, professors and students for this wonderful achievement that is well deserved after dedicated work for two months.”   cj