Coronavirus Diagnosis Training Course at the Blue Nile Institute For Communicable Diseases

Started at the Blue Nile National Institute for Communicable Diseases in wad Madani the training course for the diagnosis of disease (covid19) with the participation of (18) learners in the fields of medical laboratory sciences, pathology and molecular biology.  The Dean of the Institute Dr. Asaad Adam said that the course is the first in a number of training courses that the institute intends to implement for workers in the medical field and health officers in the diagnostic aspects of the disease. Asaad announced that the coming period will witness training of physicians and health officers in the field work to investigate the epidemic and limit its spread, as a precaution to the occurrence of any upcoming epidemic wave. He revealed that the center getting help from cadres of specialists from the institutions at the University of Gezira to train students, in order to raise capabilities and diagnose the disease. He noted that the courses conducted by the institute will not be limited to diagnosing a disease (covid19), but will target courses for some other diseases due to the available capabilities and laboratories. Where the institute has a laboratory equipped to diagnose bacteria, viruses and parasites. He pointed out that the institute is considered a member of the state’s fall emergency committee.  Coordinator of training courses at the institute Dr. Rehab Abdullah Al-Misbah explained that the course includes a number of learners from a number of institutions and aims to raise awareness of the disease, its diagnosis, biosafety, quality control, samples collection and diagnosis.