Deanship of Students: The Salaries increase is Unprecedented, and its Results will be Shown By Making More Efforts

Deputy Dean of Students Affairs at the University of Gezira Dr. Inhrah Mustafa, stressed the importance of social meetings between employees of the faculty of  Education, Hantoub, in a way that enables the issues to be resolved internally. While addressing the professors and staff on the occasion of  Eid Al-Adha, she emphasized their interest in the Deanship of Students Affairs with all faculty programs, especially those related to the stability of female students and everything that preserves their honor and dignity and setting positive solutions in the capabilities of each faculty. Dean of the faculty of Education Hantoub  Dr. Musa Abdel-Rahman promised with the launch of a number of projects that would achieve job satisfaction for employees, noting that a comprehensive meeting will held for all faculty employees before the start of the study.  And he announced that they had begun establishing a bakery to provide bread for employees and students and the establishment of a citrus farm, the revenue of which would be allocated to the employees fund and female Insolvent students’ in addition to some funds that support vulnerable segments of students. He pointed out that the faculty provides a meal for female students at low prices with the support of a number of Benevolent and the provision of transportation for employees, explaining that a committee has been formed to study the matter of transportation professors and  staff to and from the faculty. In the context; Dr. Makki Babiker Saeed, a professor at the faculty, stated that the Big increase in salaries did not happen in the whole world, which led to general satisfaction among the faculty employees, stressing that this increase will appear its results with more effort and giving.ev