To Combat Corona .. The Blue Nile Institute For Communicable Diseases at University of Gezira, Organizes A Workshop Targeting Health Sector Employees

The Blue Nile Institute for Communicable Diseases at the University of Gezira organized a workshop on methods of infection control and the pandemic (Corona) which targeting (physicians, technicians, and nurses) in a number of hospitals and colleges. Ustaz. Rehab Abdullah Training Unit at the institute – coordinator of the Workshop noted that the workshop aims to reduce methods of transmission at the level of operating rooms and intensive care and labs through awareness and knowledge of how to deal with medical devices, disinfection and sterilization stressing the importance of infection control especially in the health sectors, besides knowing how to deal with medical waste and its disposal and ways of its division (chemical – investigative waste – and other waste), in addition to how to deal with medical materials in terms of content. Rehab appreciated that the workshop come out with recommendations that can be benefit as it concern with infection control, how to deal with dnuiseases and treatment of medical errors.