Starting the 23th Session of the professional  Competencies of the University professor

Starting the 23th Session of the professional Competencies of the University professor

Started the basic training course in developing the professional competencies of the University professor, with the participation of (68) learners from public, Ahalia and private Universities from inside and outside the state at the University Education Development Center at  University of Gezira during the period from 26th of January to 6th of February2020. Director of the Center Dr. Abdullah Al-Faki addressing the opening session on Sunday morning said that this session is considered the No. (23) of the Courses which held by the Center and Activator No. (130) of the Center’s activities that aimed to raise the capabilities of professors and professionals in institutions of higher education and public service from Inside and outside the University. He added that this session aims to transfer the University’s experience and the expertise of its professors, enumerating the contributions of the University professors in advancing it and making it among the ranks of the Universities in the Arab and African circles, indicating that the Course also aims to manage a dialogue between University professors and other Universities to reach common concepts related to the University professor and develop his ability and skills.  He affirmed their keenness to understand the proposals, analyze them and benefit from them in the upcoming sessions. He pointed out that the first session will be presented by Prof. Hussein Suleiman Adam, as he is one of the professors who took the lead in the teaching process at the University and he was honored to present the first lecture at the Faculties of Agriculture and Medicine on 30/9/1978. Dr. Abdullah Al-Faki pointed out that this Course aims to introduce many concepts in order to give the University professor many knowledge concepts that help him in his academic future, including defining with University laws and regulations, teaching ethics and scientific research, developing capabilities to employ Computers and the Internet in the educational process and others One of the goals aimed at raising the capabilities of the University professor.qp