A lecturer at  University of  Auckland  presents A lecture at the Faculty of Pharmacy

A lecturer at University of Auckland presents A lecture at the Faculty of Pharmacy

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The  family of the scientific club at the faculty of pharmacy  at University of Gezira presented a scientific lecture at the international hall about Linking the pharmaceutical education with the practice  presented by the postgraduate coordinator of the pharmacy school at the University of Auckland, New Zealand Dr. Nader Mohammed  Khair Osman, attended  the lecture a number of specialists in the field of pharmacy and pharmaceutical departments in the state as well as students of pharmacy faculties at University of Gezira and the college of Wad Madani Medical Sciences and Technology and Igra College, and a number of professors of the Faculty of  Pharmacy and those who interested with the pharmaceutical work. The lecture dealt with the need to link pharmaceutical education with clinical pharmaceutical practice, patient care and community service through coordination with the relevant entities at the Ministry of Health, the Department of  Pharmacy and the National Council for Drugs and poisons . For his part, the Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Gezira Dr. Inas Mohammed Awad referred to the importance of continuing scientific programs and lectures through the club in the faculty. The head of the Department of Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Practices Dr. Maha Mirghani, pointed out that the faculty of  Pharmacy in the University started its programs from Where the others ended. The faculty introduced a number of modern programs through the graduates of the faculty, especially the students of the batch 36, pointing out that a number of faculties which recently established followed the same curriculum of the faculty, which considerbq one of the advanced curriculum.