Arrest of  More Than (180) Students in the Investigation of the Events of El -Hilaliya

Arrest of More Than (180) Students in the Investigation of the Events of El -Hilaliya

The Dean of the Faculty of Commercial Studies, Dr. Hassan Musa Issa said that the authorities arrested more than (180) students as a result of the destruction and burning of the buildings of the faculty. He revealed about the existence of groups of students moved from inside the faculty, destroying and burning the offices of the unit of accounting and the seizure of the Financial amounts and important documents were inside the treasury after withdrawal it to the University housing and broke it and its thrown inside the Siphon well. He pointed out to the destruction of students to the computer lab, the registration office and examinations, and a number of halls, administrative offices in addition to the cafeteria. The Dean of the faculty denounced this behavior of students, which he described as a shameful, which does not similar the Sudanese Muslim society. The Dean of¬† students affairs Dr. Radwan Ahmed Gasim El Seed described, what the students have done its a criminal” behavior demanding those who involved in the incident of ¬†breaking and robbing the treasury to deliver themselves to the judiciary. He stressed that the students ‘use of Molotov leads to ignites a fire , pointing out that the students’ response to the call to lay down weaponng which prevented the police intervention to contain the situation. He deeply regretted this immoral attitude in institutions of educational value that had been prepared as platforms for knowledge. He declared that the case will find its way to the judiciary and the law to deal with all those who break the law.