University of Gezira Sends a Health Convoy to the State of  Kassala

University of Gezira Sends a Health Convoy to the State of Kassala

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The health sector in the University of Gezira send a health convey to the state of Kassala on the morning of Friday, 28th of September in support of the state of Kasvesala which headed by the dean of the faculty of Medicine Dr. Mohammed Al- Amin Ahmed, and  the deans of the health sectors at the University where the delegation was received by the minister of health in the state of Kassala, Abdullah Adam Abbas and the general manager of the ministry of health Ustaz. Nouradine Hussein Ali. The delegation was addressed by the minister of health stressing the role of  the University of Gezira and its support to the state of Kassala. He also stressed the availability of treatment free of charge and he appreciated the concerted official and popular efforts, which enabled them to control the epidemic. The General manager of the Ministry presented a detailed explanation of the efforts of his ministry in combating the disease and stressed the free of the city from deaths Contrary to what is rumored in the means of communication, praising with the response of the citizens to raise awareness that ministry implemented through lectures and mosque Imams in cooperation with the professors of the University of Kassala and thanked the University of Gezira for its initiatives and support. The dean of the faculty of medicine Dr. Mohammed Al-Ameen, stressed during his speech that the convoy came after studying the need for the state and that the University is ready to provide more support and aid, proposing a partnership between the Universities of Gezira and Kassala and health ministries in the two states to serve the citizen and push the march of research in medical fields as one of the most important pillars of scientific research.