The Center for Researches and Educational Studies held’s a workshop on the practices of Sports Activities for Sudanese women : Reality and Challenge.

The Center for Researches and Educational Studies held’s a workshop on the practices of Sports Activities for Sudanese women : Reality and Challenge.

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The Center for Research and Educational Studies at the Faculty of Education, Hantoub, held a scientific workshop based on his approved plan entitled: Exercise of sports activities for women in Sudan, reality and challenge. And discussed a paper on the history of sport for women in Sudan today.

 The workshop was attended by specialists in sport education from the Universities of Sudan and El-Nilin in addition to the departments of sport education in the University and the University of the Holy Quran . Also attended by academics interested in women’s sport, headed by Dr. Haider Ali Qaqrin, deputy chairman of the women sport Union in Sudan. Dr. Zainab Mohammed Al Sayed Ibrahim, and the Association of football in the state of Gezira, representive of the chairman of the  football Association Ustaz .Mutasim Abdel Salam.

 The Vice Chancellor of the University of Gezira Prof. Mohamed El Sanousi, expressed his happiness at the workshop which focuses on women’s sport activities based on science, information, educational data and the importance of sport in complementing the mind, spirit and body. He stressed the readiness of the University administration to work on implementing the recommendations of the workshop. The director of the researches center and educational studies, Dr.. Al-Fatih Mustafa Al-Kanani, explained that the Center aims to develop knowledge and uncover the difficulties facing this knowledge, and provide scientific advice stemming from scientific research.

 He said: “We hope that this product is honest content in the selection of women’s age groups, as well as strengthen the personality and promote cooperation and respect. He added: To complete mental health, we provide the best care, noting that sport have many benefits. The sport expert in this field Dr. Ali Qaqrin expressed his happiness to hold the workshop within the campus of one of the ancient Universities, pointing out that its role in discussing the importance of sport in human life and prevention of diseases, considering that a healthy mind in a healthy body and sport for all, pointing out that the sport has become (media and marketing) It represents a Diplomacy of peoples and a tool of reunification.

 Stressing the importance of sport for women within the limits of respectful controls and special playgrounds, stressing the need to face the challenges that oppose the sport of women. The workshop was concluded by several recommendations, the most important of which is the interest of women’s sport and the provision of appropriate play grounds suitable for women and the sport concerned (football, basket, swimming etc.), and attention to the play grounds of  the faculty of education Hantoub and give it special priority, and work on the appointment of teachers in sports education in elementary and secondary schools , and the establishment of the Faculty of sport Education at the University of the Gezira.

 It also called for recommendations to preserve the heritage and values of Sudanese women, to give space in the exercise of women’s sport, to provide the necessary resources for women’s sports, to establish a sports stadium for women in the state and to work on a field study in the Gezira state to specify and evaluate the centers and halls for women’s sports, and the addition of curriculum for sports education in coordination with the relevant authorities, and the interest in holding such workshops in all the states in Sudan. At the end of the workshop, a smart partnership was signed by the Center for Research and Educational Studies with the Women’s Federation and the Olympic Academy.NQ