Launching the fifth review workshop of the Faculty of Medicine in the presence of the Minister of Health in the State

Launching the fifth review workshop of the Faculty of Medicine in the presence of the Minister of Health in the State

Maj. Gen. Mohammad Al-Mahdi Ali Salah, Minister of Health in the State of Gezira renewed his commitment to enhance cooperation between his ministry and the Faculty of Medicine at University of Gezira to support efforts to develop the medical process in the state and the country.

He praised the University’s approach to reaching the depth of society by establishing faculties throughout the state, and adopting effective strategies to achieve the goals and objectives, the most important of which is the development of curriculum to meet the needs of society and learners and the progressive scientific development in the applied sciences, humanity and community.

This came during his addressing at the International Hall at Al-Razi campus in wad Medani, the opening session of the fifth review workshop of the faculty of Medicine curriculum In the presence of the founders of the faculty headed by Professor Bashir Hamad, and Professor El -Zein Karrar – chairman of the Sudanese Medical Council, as well as a number of faculties of medicines, medical education development centers.

The Vice chancellor of the University of Gezira Prof. Mohammed El-Sanousi Mohammed, said that the approach of the faculty of medicine its consider the first of its kind in the Country, stressing that the uniqueness of this approach and its originality, pointing out that there are many indications that it will be the referential methodology for medical faculties in the world.

He said that the University believes that this development increases the distinction of the faculty and excellence of the University and develops and strengthens the role of the Faculty of Medicine in providing health to the community, both therapeutic and preventive and promotion. Adding that it comes from the heart of the University’s vision of belonging to society, working on its service and solving its problems. He expressed his convictions that the process of development and review included the courses that qualify the graduate to continue his education and carry out relevant scientific research to achieve the University’s goal to contribute to the production of knowledge.

The curriculum development is to be included in the academic regulations and regulations of the University by reviewing the curriculum every 5 years, conducting the assessment of the faculty and the curriculum and introducing the amendments every 10 years, stressing the University’s success in complying with the curriculum development Periodically and Development of all faculties curriculum until the batch (35). We are currently in the process of developing faculty of medicine curriculum through this scientific workshop, which is due to be followed by the recommendation of the Faculty Council of Medicine to approve the new curriculum based on the recommendations of the workshop and then the final approval by the Council of senate when submitting the curriculum through the Scientific Committee.

The Dean of the Faculty of Medicine Prof. Mohammed Al-Amin Mohammed said that this workshop is the fifth of its kind to confirm the uniqueness of its methodology and scientific methodology in the review for the purposes of development and modernization, expressing his expectations that the outputs are distinct and in addition to strengthening and development of the existing curriculum, which its holds the seed of excellence. Stressing that there are real additions and keep abreast it has been advocated by many, pointing out to the existence of challenges represented in the management  of the curriculum and follow up its implementation to the fullest.

The Chairman of the Development Committee of the Faculty of Medicine Prof. Ahmed Abdullah Mohammedani, explained that the overall goal of the development is to review the curriculum to make the necessary changes and renewal in order to maintain innovative and dynamic curriculum, and to keep abreast of recent developments in medical education and to be able to continue to produce graduates Qualified with similar regional and international standards.