Students’ Affairs Council holds its Meeting under the Chairmanship of the Vice Chancellor

Students’ Affairs Council holds its Meeting under the Chairmanship of the Vice Chancellor

On July 23rd, at Al-Shohada Hall in Al-Nisheishiba Campus, the Students’ Affairs Council held its meeting, which was chaired by the Vice Chancellor of the University, the Chairman of the Council, Prof. Mohammed El-Sanousi Mohammed, where the Council praised the efforts exerted by the Students’ Affairs Deanship for its continuous support for the stability of the educational process and its interest in the intellectual construction of students and preparing them to deal with the requirements of the labour market in the presence of the Principal, Dr. Malik Al-Naim Mohammed Ali, the Dean of Students’ Affairs Deanship, Dr. Rodwan Gasm al-Seed, the Heads of University sectors, the Director of the University Security Police and Secretary of the National Students Welfare Fund.

Prof. El-Sanousi called for the opening of new horizons for the rest of this year by focusing on the creative students in all fields, in addition to renewing the constitution of the Union and preparing the students and their participation in the preparation of the draft constitution. He pointed to the importance of creating a unified body concerned with student services, besides the formation of a committee to organize student activity and to develop systems and activities that accommodate all positive initiatives for students.

The Dean of Students’ Affairs Deanship Dr. Rodwan Gasm al-Seed, reviewed the performance report for the first half of fiscal year 2018, which addressed the administrative, social, cultural and sports, noting that the University of Gezira is the first university to implement sports activator at the level of Sudanese universities and reassured the Council to combat negative phenomena, calling for solving the problems facing the Council.

The Council recommended the establishment of infrastructure for extra-curricular activities and the empowerment of the Deanship of Students’ Affairs to view its functions in addition to the formation of a mini-committee to organise the agenda items of the Council’s meeting.

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