A Workshop to upgrade and develop Sanitation Services in Public Places

A Workshop to upgrade and develop Sanitation Services in Public Places

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Yesterday, a Workshop on “upgrading and developing Sanitation Services in Public Places”, was held at Al-Shuhada Hall in Al-Nisheishiba University Campus. Under the slogan: (project services and lavatory any place any time).

The workshop was organised by the initiative of promoting the civilisation behaviour, which adopted by University of Gezira, in cooperation with the Blue Nile National Institute for Communicable Diseases, Renewable Energy Technology Center and Traffic Police, and a number of other parties, which came in synchronism with the Arab Traffic Week.

The objectives of the workshop were aimed at spreading health awareness, reducing the incidence and spread of the disease, in addition to improving the way of life and creating an economic recycling of waste.

The workshop was attended by the Minister of Education, Gezira State, Dr. Nadia Al-Agib, who emphasized the uniqueness of the University in the valuable humanitarian initiatives that contribute to the promotion of behaviour and community practices, noting that this project reflects the human value as a fundamental need for any living organism, and called for adoption and concerted efforts to implement these programmes, especially as schools lack of sanitation. She stressed to set a clear plan to reach the civilisation and human development.

The Deputy Vice Chancellor of the University of Gezira, Dr. Mohammed Babiker Al-Awad, described this activity as “vital civilisation behaviour,” stressing the importance of lavatories in public life. He said that this workshop is an opportunity to communicate and achieve common goals to take the communities to the ranks of development, civilisation and positive environmental behaviour.

The workshop dealt with several working papers on the experience of the project of the Blue Nile National Institute for Communicable Diseases, improvement of the traditional toilet “the hole”, besides engineering models for lavatories and workable services, the production of the biogas of Septic Tank and establishing a factory to produce electricity from sewage.

The workshop was attended by the Principal of the University, Dr. Malik Al-Na’eem, and a number of interested and specialists in this field.

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