Deputy Vice Chancellor of the University praises the Research Efforts of the Goat Research Center

Deputy Vice Chancellor of the University praises the Research Efforts of the Goat Research Center

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The Minister of Agriculture at Gezira State, Dr. Saif al-Din Abboud, stressed the importance of specialized training courses and considered it the first step towards raising performance, refinement cadres and increasing productivity.

Abboud spoke at the end of the training session last Thursday at Marshal Al-Bashir Sudanese-Korean Center, entitled “Feeding goats and processing their milk” which organized by the professional Union of Agricultural Engineers and the Goat Research Center at the University of Gezira. He said that the importance of goats, has many nutritional benefits, and he appreciated the organizers of the training course. He added: “The Professional Union of Agricultural Engineers has a constant mobility in terms of qualification of cadres through training courses.”

The Deputy Vice Chancellor of the University, Dr. Mohammed Babiker Al-Awad, praised the research efforts of the University‘s Goat Research Center.

He said that the coming period will witness a number of activities related with food concerning with animal and agricultural production.

Al-Awad praised the potential of Marshal Al-Bashir Sudanese-Korean Center, indicating that it is qualified to provide excellent services to researchers and is ready to sponsor training courses. The Director of the Center for Goat Research at the University, Dr. Khadija Mohammed Al Ameen pointed out that the Research Center is interested in the development of local breeds, raising awareness of the importance of goats and conducting training courses, pointing out that goats reproduce with multiply geometrically if it’s found a required care. She added that breeding is inexpensive, “Khadija called for the optimal use of goat milk.

It is noteworthy that the training course came under the slogan of saying of the Prophet Mohammed (pbuh): “A goat is a bless, two goats are two blesses, three goats are a wealth“.