A Workshop on Promoting Research, Building Scientific Capacity and Writing Proposals

A Workshop on Promoting Research, Building Scientific Capacity and Writing Proposals

A Workshop on Promoting Research, Building Scientific Capacity and Writing Proposals, which hosted by the University of Gezira, from 6 to 11 May 2009 was held today at the International Hall at Al-Razi Campus, under the sponsorship of RUFORUM, with the participation of researchers from Uganda, Zimbabwe and Benin, as well as the universities of Khartoum, Kordofan, and Al-Salam.

The Dean of the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, Dr. Issam Adawi Abdullah, welcomed the participants in this unique gathering that held in Wad Medani. “I am honoured to welcome you to deliberate on a new and important concept in this special training that has proven successful in many parts of our African nation and worldwide,” he said.

“I would like to extend a warm welcome to our distinguished guests from RUFORUM. Thank you all for coming and joining us here today. he added. “We are very proud to be able to host this event in cooperation with all of you, “I am grateful to all who contributed to making this event come together smoothly for that it gave us the energy to create as a way to achieve our individual and collective objectives”. he said.

RUFORUM-An-Overview.Short_.version-848x350 Representative of RUFORUM, Paul Nibala, gave an overview of efforts to promote agricultural higher education, science, technology and innovation in Africa, noting that their vision for 2030 is to encourage universities to participate in sustainable and inclusive development, impact-oriented agricultural research, in order to create a continental knowledge hub.

He said that the strategic objectives were geared towards undergraduate, master, doctoral and postdoctoral programs that responded to the needs of national and regional stakeholders, national and regional development goals, joint research, training and capacity development facilities, innovative education and innovation activities and innovative awareness supported by the administrative structures of universities that contributed to policy practice and development, Mainstreaming the capacities and operational approaches of the unified agricultural framework, increasing women’s participation in education, training, research and production, marketing of knowledge, and increasing the use of technology to support decentralized learning Effective sharing of knowledge, besides RUFORUM must be regional dynamic platform that call for coordination and mobilization of resources for the improvement of education, research and awareness by universities.

The representatives of the universities of Khartoum, Al-Salam and Kordofan presented a definition of scientific research activities with their institutions, future visions and levels of internal and external coordination and cooperation.

This was welcomed by the Secretary of Scientific Affairs, Dr. Mr. Daifallah praised the role of RUFORUM in promoting regional integration of higher education by facilitating the mobility of teaching staff throughout the region and working with member universities to support faculty fellowships that aimed at collective exchange for the empowerment of teaching staff in the field of research to improve the quality of education in postgraduate programs, stressing the University‘s readiness to cooperate with partners to make the conference program a success.

It worth mentioning that the course comes under the supervision of the University Development Center and the Secretariat of Scientific Affairs. It has been attended by deans of the faculties of Forest, Agricultural Sciences, Animal Production and a number of faculties.