Launching of the Sustainable Environment Nafara at Al-Razi Campus

Launching of the Sustainable Environment Nafara at Al-Razi Campus

The environmental sustainability Nafara has been launched at Al-Razi Campus on Wednesday, which carried out by the Environment Administration, in cooperation with the University Students’ Union, Under the sponsorship of the Vice Chancellor of the University, Prof. Mohammed El-Sanousi Mohammed, the sponsorship of the Sustainable Environment, and the sponsorship of the Deputy Vice Chancellor, the chairman of the environment council.

Participated in the program of Nafara the Deputy Vice Chancellor of the University, Dr. Mohammed Babiker Al-Awad, the Dean of Students’ Affairs, Director of the Environment Administration, the Deans of the Faculties of Pharmacy, Health and Environmental Sciences Al-Housh, the Deputy Director of the Administration of Health Services and a number of university officials.

Emphasis was placed on the need for concerted efforts and sustainability as a fundamental factor in the environment that would attract students. There should be a clear role for the partners of the Campus, ensuring the necessary support for environmental programs, maximizing the contributions of the faculties in this regard, and ensuring coordination among the various partners to improve the environment.

Besides setting an urgent plan for the works of environment and start implementation of it before the season of autumn, in addition to the provision of the work aids.

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