Community College celebrates the Graduation of 39 learners of Cambo Salima

Community College celebrates the Graduation of 39 learners of Cambo Salima

On Saturday, the Community College celebrated the graduation of 39 learners of the batch 14th, branch of Al-Taboub area in Al-Hasahisa Locality.

A large ceremony was held in Al-Cambo Honoured the Dean of the Community College, Dr. Al-Tayeb Makki Al-Jilani, and the head of the branch, Uz. Abdulrahman Abu-Hass and a number of College officials.

The Dean of the College and the accompanying delegation opened the learners’ exhibition and watched the skills gained during the period of the course which continued for the period of half-year, during which they studied the curriculum of the College of Islamic studies, aesthetics, food and nutrition, public health and environmental health.

The representative of the graduates spoke about the positive impact that the College has left on women by developing their skills in various aspects, pushing them towards production, enhancing family stability and developing special aspects of religion and public health.

The head of the People Committee at the Cambo expressed his deep thanks and appreciation to the Community College for the knowledge and culture that spread among the women in the area, pointing out that they have touched the impact of science clearly within the family.

The head of the Musalamia branch also mentioned the role of the College in the advancement of women and raising awareness in the fight against harmful habits and maintaining a healthy and productive family.

The head of the branch of Al-Taboub Babiker Abdulrahman, pointed out to the obstacles that faced the implementation of the course programme, greeting the regularity of students and their great desire to acquire Science and change the face of life within the family.

The Dean of the Community College expressed his happiness at the great emotion of the citizens of Cambo interaction with the programmes of the College, calling for interest with science at various stages to create generations that contribute to the advancement of the area, stressing the continuation of the College in targeting women in various areas of the states because its consider the solid foundation which the family based on it.

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