The Research Group of Forest Products discusses the Fields of Scientific Research

The Research Group of Forest Products discusses the Fields of Scientific Research

The Forest Products Research Group, at its meeting today, recommended the establishment of an electronic link on the page of the Scientific Research and Innovation Corporation of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, in addition to a database containing research in forest products and outputs to ensure scientific accumulation and avoid duplication.

The recommendations emphasized the need to direct scientific research to serve and develop rural communities, conducting research on non-traditional forest products on the related fields such as the production of silk and honey, the research of garad and gum Arabic, involving the relevant research fields of the research group members and the exchange of infrastructure from equipment and laboratories.

The recommendations were called upon to expand the scope of research bodies in other areas in support of research fields, taking into consideration the integration of research efforts, establishing the Forestry Research Council, distributing researchers on research topics, developing research and raising scientific quality, and prioritizing scientific research within the strategy adopted by the research group.

The recommendations emphasized the need to document research outputs, focusing on research on energy alternatives and intermediate technologies for forest conservation, paper research and recycling, forest economics research, using of knowledge and information in the region and the local environment and involving them in research and projects.

This meeting is the second for the Forest Products Research Group, which the Scientific Research and Innovation Corporation of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research has requested to be formed as a basis for organising the work in the country and employing and using various resources in order to promote this sector, which represents a great deal for mankind. The group, which was completed in late March, has already held a seminar in Khartoum in which University of Gezira participated.

The meeting was attended by the Vice Chancellor of the University of Gezira, Prof. Mohammed El-Sanousi Mohammed, who welcomed the hosting of the University for this meeting. Where he expressed his confidence in the great role that this research group will play in attributing the country’s efforts to make the most of the forests. He said that the members of the research group have the potential to succeed in their accumulated experience, which makes them a “genius formula”.

University of Gezira was represented by Prof. Fadl Al-Mawla Abdullah, Dean of the Faculty of Industries Engineering and Technology, who expressed his thanks on behalf of the University Forestry Research Group for the level of response to the second workshop at the University. “It’s a great honour to cherish,” he said.

Zainab Abdel Rahim Osman from the National Research Centre, representative of the research group,  the initiative of University of Gezira for hosting the meeting, which she said was the first for the group to go outside the capital for consultation on the proposed topics in preparation for submitting research projects.

The Forest Products Research Group includes researchers from the National Research Centre, universities of Bahri, Khartoum and Gezira and other universities and research centers.

The meeting was chaired by the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Prof. Salah Al-Arabi, the meeting was participated by Dean of the Faculty of Forest Science and Technology, Prof. Hasab al-Rasoul, and the Dean of Scientific Research, Prof. Adam Daoud, who pointed out that the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research allocated about 150 million pounds To finance the research teams, and considered the Forest Products Group of the first research groups that the University of Gezira has the honour that the group belongs to it.

The programme of the research group of forest products, which was supervised by the department of research programmes and innovation in the Deanship of Scientific Research, included a visit to the Central Laboratory, and the National Institute for the National Oilseed Processing Research Institute (NOPRI).

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