International Conference on Da’wah at University of Gezira

International Conference on Da’wah at University of Gezira

University of Gezira announced the establishment of an international conference for Da’wah after Eid Al-Fitr on an initiative presented by the Faculty of Communication Sciences in coordination with the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research under the motto: (Islamic Da’wah and its Higher Academic Institutions) = “Islamic Challenges and Future Aspirations“.

The Rapporteur of the Higher Committee, Dr. Abdul-Moneim Al-Khalifa Ahmad at its meeting chaired by the Dean of the Faculty of Communication Sciences, Prof. Mohammed Bashir Mansour, the Alternate Chairman of the Conference Committee, pointed out that the conference comes to benefit from the experiences enjoyed by some international Universities.

Dr. Abdul-Moneim pointed out that the Conference will discuss a number of topics, most notably the problems of the Departments of Da’wah at the Faculties and Higher Institutes, students of Da’wah reality and hope, students of Da’wah and the labour market.

He pointed out that the conference will be held after Eid Al-Fitr in Wad Medani City at the International Conference Hall in Al-Razi Campus, pointing to the formation of a number of Committees for the preparation of the conference, where he assigned Professor Mohammed Awad Al-Karim – headed the Finance Committee – explaining that the conference will be attended by about 350 persons, discussions sessions about 150 scientists, researchers and presented papers.

The Dean of Graduate Studies and Scientific Research, Prof .Adam Dawoud, called for increasing the number of scientific papers and seeking papers on sensitive issues. He called for the importance of developing programs accompanying the Conference and linking them to Da’wah institutions and representing some internal bodies such as Social Affairs to strengthen the Conference and to involve police force within the Committees.

The Dean of Scientific Affairs, Dr. Adel Daifallah said that the timing is appropriate to talk about Da’wah issue, noting the urgent need to stand on the experience of others, indicating that such a conference benefits the community by the presence of scientists in the region where the conference is held.

The Director of Media and Public Relations Department at the University, Dr. Salih Yousuf Sharaf, called for the benefit of the agreements signed by the University with a number of Islamic universities. He called for introducing the foreign relations department to coordinate with some Islamic universities that have agreements with the University such as the Islamic University of Uganda, Kenya and Calling for the need to reconsider the academic institutions that graduate preachers.

Dr. Mohamed Rashid pointed to the need to develop a special focus on the media aspect and its role in the field of Da’wah, and a vision linking the relationship between academic and non-academic institutions and the suffering of Muslim minorities.

The meeting approved the formation of a number of committees including: the Higher Committee, the Conference Papers Committee, the Scientific Committee, the Conference Papers Committee, the Budget and Support Committee, the Committee on Information and the Secretariat.