A Training Course on Application of the Accrual System of Accounting at the Centre of Training and Economic Studies

A Training Course on Application of the Accrual System of Accounting at the Centre of Training and Economic Studies

The Acting Vice Chancellor of the University, Dr. Mohammed Babiker Al-Awad, witnessed the opening of the training course which organised by the Financial and Accounting Administration at University of Gezira, in cooperation with the Hyderabad Academy of Technology and Future Studies in the buildings of the Centre of Training and Economic, Social and Administrative Studies, Faculty of Economics and Rural Development.

The training course was interested in applying the accrual system of accounting, which targeted 40 learners of University Financial Administration, Internal Auditor, Economics Department of Accounting and Personnel Affairs in the presence of the Principal of the University, Dr. Malik Al-Na’eem, the directors of the concerned departments, the Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Rural Development, Prof. Mohammed Awad al-Karim, and the Executive Director of the Academy of Hyderabad.

Dr. Babiker stressed the University‘s interest in methodology, strategy and human resources. He pointed out that the system is very transparent, which constitutes administrative efficiency, and the importance of providing the greatest amount of training.

Dr. Malik Al-Naim said that training is a feature of the age and knowledge through representative systems, pointing out that economic transformations come from thinking about the future. He announced the holding of a series of training courses in the framework of the memorandum of understanding with the Hyderabad Academy to fully readiness of preparation for the 2020 budget according to the accrual system of accounting.

The Director of Financial and Accounting Administration, Uz. Nasr al-Din Abdal-Bari, said that this training course comes within the framework of the series of variables of monetary transformation to the accounting and the unified account; which it also concerned with capacity building where learners receive lectures on the concept of accrual basis advantages and disadvantages besides applying the accrual basis in government accounts.

While the Director of Human Resources, Prof. Babiker Abdul Gadir, announced that this year is the year of training for the employees of the University.

The training course will last from 15th to 19th of this month.