Faculty of Arts and Humanities organises the First Archeology Day at the University

Faculty of Arts and Humanities organises the First Archeology Day at the University

The Department of Archeology at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, organised a “Day of Archaeology“, under the slogan: (Archeology is the Past Memory and Legacy of Future).

The Representative of the University Vice Chancellor, the Secretary of Scientific Affairs, Prof. Adel Daifallah, cut the bar for the opening of Archeology Exhibition, accompanied by a large number of Kamlin Locality leaders.

The opening was also attended by the family of arts and educational sciences from deans, department heads, teaching staff, employees and students.

The external display included models that were built by the teaching staff of the Department and the students. It also included models of the tombs in the civilization of Merowe, Nabata and the old Dongola mosque, beside a painting of the ancient hieroglyphics, signs of the Department and the logo of the Department.

While the internal display included the civilizational sequence of the Sudanese civilization from prehistory until the Islamic period, as well as a presentation of the techniques and devices used in the archaeological work.

The display also included paintings illustrating the field work carried out by the students.

Dr. Homaida point out that the Department of Archeology is a great addition to the University of Gezira, and said that the Faculty aspires to adopt the idea of a University Museum, but this idea is in need of great effort and coordination with the University Administration. The teaching of archeology requires the provision of expensive equipment as the effects of field science.

He pointed to the availability of museums in Khartoum, stressing the availability of material that can be displayed in the museum, but it remains in need of the collection and coordination in one place reflects the history of the University, and suggested the possibility of beginning documentation of the history of the University and successive administrations and its first faculties and the circumstances that led to the development of the University and its openness to various regions.

The Representative of the Vice Chancellor, Prof. Adel Daifallah, praised the unique level of professors and students in the Faculty and the Department of Archeology in particular, calling for planning to establish a permanent museum of the University under the supervision of the Department of Archeology.

The Department of Archeology honoured the University‘s Vice Chancellor with a sash of thank and appreciation, besides the Department document. The teaching staff of the Department who received scientific degrees were honoured, as well as honouring outstanding students in the Department.

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