Honouring of Medical Cadres who participate in Heritage Exhibitions

Honouring of Medical Cadres who participate in Heritage Exhibitions

University of Gezira honoured the physicians and medical cadres who participated in the Heritage Exhibitions under the supervision of the Association. The most prominent of those who honoured by the Vice Chancellor of the University, Prof. Mohammad El-Sanousi Mohammed and a number of physicians, dentists and medical laboratories. About 48 physicians and 6 laboratory physicians and benefiting from them (903) patients.

Professor El-Sanousi attributed the satisfaction shown by the patients to the service in public and specialized clinics as a measure of the success of the clinic.

The Chairman of the Association, Dr. Lubna Mohammed Musa, praised with the efforts of the physicians and other cadres in the success of the clinic program, as well as supporting the Circular Medicine and some private pharmacies for the clinic with medicines that were distributed to patients free of charge.

She praised the efforts of Professor El-Sanousi, who has set up four clinics and his clinic has received a number of Converted cases from the Heritage Exhibition Clinic free of charge.

The Deputy Director of the Health Services Administration at the University, Dr. Abdullah Ibrahim presented a number of proposals to activate the association’s program in order to provide a service that is in line with the direction of the University towards serving the community.

Dr. Sayad Ahmed urged the members of the Association to continue the service through the construction of clinics in special locations during which the provision of medical services at nominal prices for patients to cope with high costs of treatment. The General Secretary of the Association, Dr. Murtada Al Zain Ahmed Al-Faki, announced that the second meeting of the Association will take place on April 21st at Al Zamalek Hall.

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