Community College celebrates the Graduation of the Village of Alafia

Community College celebrates the Graduation of the Village of Alafia

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Honoured the celebration the representative of the Vice Chancellor of the University and the Dean of Students’ Affairs, Dr. Rodwan Ahmed Gasim al-Seed, the Dean of the Community College, Dr. Al-Tayeb Makai Al-Jelani, the representative of the Director of Human Resource Administration, Uz. Dafallah Al-Amin, beside a number of the heads of branches of Dalawat Al-Bahr, Wad Ashib and Umm Sonot.

The participants at the ceremony saw the exhibition, which expressed about the size of the skills gained in the reforming of the local components and their transformation into art, with other skills not less important than to the society as food, health, environment and religion.

The representative of the graduates, “Amal Yousif Ibrahim,” said that the Community College came cool and peaceful to progress the women in the village, “Al-Afaya” through the extension of theoretical and practical studies, which said that the learners benefited a lot and learned useful skills, indicating that the study of “jurisprudence” has instilled in them values of compassion, faith, behavior, and symbiosis, all of which are aimed at reforming women and bringing them out of ignorance into the light.

Environmental studies were concerned with the health of the environment represented in the establishment of nurseries and energy resources. Public health included first aid and prevention methods, which proved to be sufficient and useful for reducing diseases at the family and community level. The aesthetics of various types contributed to the decoration of homes and the use of raw materials in the environment in which they instill in them the taste of art in the simplest form and made them active and enthusiastic in order to achieve self-sufficiency for the family, adding that the students also learned simple manual work, thus relieving them of daily income burdens.

She explained that the learners have mastered the methods of preparation of food, preparation of juices, and canning vegetables, and making baked in various forms to become a “sophisticated industrial” and able to compete importer of these foods, as she put it, praising the contribution of the Community College in the development of women’s skills and advancement.

The Chairman of the People’s Committee, Al-Booshi Abdullah Abdulrahman in the area praised the effectiveness of the training programs and activities carried out by the professors of Al-Shabarga branch, which he said it contributed to raising the educational level and knowledge of the studies. The University‘s relationship with the society was considered a “noble message” because of the rural need for these training and educational courses, stressing that the students benefited from the course and urged them to exercise their skills to help them in Reducing the burden of living on their families. Head of Al-Shabarga branch, Sheikh Lutfy Abbas, said that the attention of the Community College has focused on the interest of women as a whole society, stressing the excellence of this batch and its ability to absorb the scientific research and its translation on the ground. He called for providing microfinance to the students to open wider opportunities for them to enter the distant horizons in production.

The Dean of the Community College, Dr. Al-Tayeb Maki Al Jelani, referred to the deeply immersed of the society through the empowerment of young people to produce and target different segments with programs continue to half a year to provide them with Islamic culture, health, environment, skills related to handicrafts, as factors in changing the social and economic life of the family. He emphasized their progress in promoting the objectives of the college by opening up to the simple segments, trying to change and pushing towards positive productive behavior, filling the vacuum to the benefit, and emphasizing the interest of institutions in these segments through these programs with social and economic benefits.

For his part, the representative of the Vice Chancellor said that the need is urgently needed to reconsider how economic resources are handled throughout Sudan, to change the overall macro view that has no value to resources, and to rationalize these resources for the purposes of export. The contribution of the individual to the economy is considered one of the most important objectives of the College of Community, indicating that it takes a different view of the faculty to update the curriculum permanently to overcome what he said Dr. Rodwan it’s a big problem in how to deal within the home and family.