Opening of the Exhibition of Cultural Linguistic Forum for Students of the Faculty of Dentistry

Opening of the Exhibition of Cultural Linguistic Forum for Students of the Faculty of Dentistry

The Vice Chancellor of the University of Gezira, Prof. Mohammed El-Sanousi Mohammed, confirmed that the Students of the batch 40th at the Faculty of Dentistry, considered a true addendum in their modernity at the University. He said that they are characterized by the qualities of true creativity and humanity, mentality and emotional taste. He praised the diversity of the dental hospital, A formative panel that includes the academic side and the research and service application to support the University philosophy in the service of society. This came at the opening this morning at the buildings of the Faculty of Dentistry the Exhibition Cultural Forum for students of the batch 40th, with the presence of a number of deans of the central deanships and deans of the faculties and the director of the National Fund for Students Welfare at the State. The forum, which represents the first semester within the framework of the Arabic language course, aims to achieve literary and scientific integration in addition to enhancing the students’ cultural awareness and creative thinking.

The Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry, Prof. Mujahid Abdulrahman, confirmed the outstanding University‘s academic activities, calling for more integration of sectors and institutions to contribute to the development of students’ abilities, pointing out that the forum is one of the courses included at the University‘s requirements.

The Director of the Dental Hospital, Dr. Omar Al-Sanai, predicted a promising future for dental students, praising with their creativity and skills in highlighting the exhibition with the best way. Dr. Awatif Sirr Al-Khatim, the Professor of the Course of requirements, has Questioning all the creativity to create a creative and distinguished dentist. The Director of the National Fund for Students Welfare at Gezira State, renewed the Fund‘s commitment to provide the best services to students and to sponsor their creativity. He called for more cooperation with University to fulfill its role in serving the community.

The exhibition included many sections that are concerned with Arabic language, phonetics and Quran, in addition to the creatives and skills of the females of the Syrian corner, and the exhibition of the Yemeni heritage.

The exhibition will continue until the 20th of this month.

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