Comnr of East Gezira: We will discuss Raising Microfinance Funds for Community College Learners

Comnr of East Gezira: We will discuss Raising Microfinance Funds for Community College Learners

The Commissioner of East Gezira Locality, Mustafa Al-Shami, said that he will discuss with the officials of the Savings and Social Development Bank, Wad Rawa branch and the Head of the bank, about the raising of microfinance for the learners of Community College, University of Gezira.

The Comnr, who participated in the graduation ceremony of 38 learners from Awlad Mahmoud branch of Wad Ashib, asserted the arrival of the University‘s mission to the community base which represented in women. Describing the duties of the Community College is a religious and societal work that has the satisfaction of all. He considered that the effort made in women has gained fruitfully.

He pointed out that meeting the service aspirations of the person of Awlad Mahmoud area in Wad Rawa Administrative Unit is a main right and a duty of the local authorities as it came to serve the society.

He added: We count on the popular effort to support the official effort to push the march of this development, which prevailed the Locality and State.

While the Dean of Students’ Affairs, Dr Rodwan Ahmed Gasm al-Seed, Representative of the Vice Chancellor of the University of Gezira, expressed his happiness with the great interaction with the community issues, pointing out that the University provides community service to all the people of Sudan through its faculties and national institutes.

He pointed out that the Community College approach, which is the result of the expertise of scientists, aims at the family as the nucleus of the society, where it is implemented through more than 150 trainers distributed in 14 branches in the State with the aim of upgrading domestic service and home economics, thus building the country.

He pointed out that the Community College has received an international recognition from Pilot International Organization, America, as the best College in the Arab and African world in the service of the community.

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