Community College celebrates the Graduation of Batch 24th of Gezirat Al-Feel Branch

Community College celebrates the Graduation of Batch 24th of Gezirat Al-Feel Branch

The Community College celebrated the graduation of 14 students of the batch 24th in Gezirat Al-Feel training course at Al-Daraja neighbourhood, after they completed all the requirements for graduation in the curriculum of the Community College, which consists of Islamic studies, public health, environmental health, and nutrition with its both theoretical and practical, which was organised from July 2017 to February 2018.

The Dean of Students’ Affairs and the Representative of the Vice Chancellor, Dr Rodwan Ahmed Gasm al-Seed, said that the mission of the University of Gezira is to pass knowledge to the people through the Community College, which places at the top of its list of goals for enabling people to contribute to living life, enhancing the individual’s contribution to the economy, and changing the face of the dealings within the home and the family. He announced that the Community College has granted the award of the best College in serving the community at the African level by the American Pilot International.

While Dr Al-Tayeb Makki Al-Jelani, appreciated the step of moving Gezirat Al-Feel branch to Al-Daraja neighbourhood, and he considered it as a qualitative leap that targeted the civilized societies, pointing out that the College working to promote women and equipping them with vital skills for life and practical experience in order to involve in the production process, as well as to enhance their role in the stability of the family.

In turn, the Head of Gezirat AL-Feel branch, Sheikh Mohd Ahmed Awouda said that the programmes of the College are gaining more acceptance in the neighbourhoods of Wad Medani through what the woman gained of knowledge will return to her beneficially, at the both levels economically and socially. Announcing the continuity of the mission of the branch which has been established for more than 10 years in serving the women, for they are the mainstay of the society. He praised the efforts of the People’s Committee of Al-Daraja neighbourhood for succeeding this training course and for their planning for larger numbers to come in coming batches.

The Representative of the learners, who spent seven months at the College, confirmed that most of the goals for which the University moved from the city to the countryside have been achieved, religious awareness and helping women to raise a Muslim generation that is aware of Sharia. In addition to developing the capacities of women in all aspects of life, both in terms of health, Aesthetics, development of society, the development of women’s capacities, the maintenance of religious and moral values, the promotion of welfare, the improvement of the standard of living, the maintenance of security, and economic and social stability.

It worth mentioning that the Representative of the Vice Chancellor of the University, the Dean of the College, Heads of branches of Um Sonot, Al-Shabarga and a number of guests visited the exhibitions of the learners, which highlighted the acquired skills in aesthetics, food and nutrition and public health. Where the learners got acquaintance to the first aids, treatment of diarrhea, injections and other skills, and in the field of sanitation of the environment, the learners were engaged in tree planting, ornamental crops, conservation of the environment and energy sources.

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