Deanship of Students’ Affairs participates in the sixth Student Creativity Festival at Sinnar

Deanship of Students’ Affairs participates in the sixth Student Creativity Festival at Sinnar

University of Gezira which represented in the Deanship of Students’ Affairs participated in the 6th Student Creativity Festival which organised at Sinnar city, from 27/1 to 1/2/2018, the Festival attended by the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, a number of universities in the central sector and the deans of students’ affairs in public and private universities and technology.

This event came among warm welcome and large interaction of the citizens and residents of Sinnar. The central sector students who participated in these events were able to present a range of creative activities and sports events, developing innovative capabilities and scientific and research projects, which in turn reflected the effort exerted by the deanships of students’ affairs in these institutions.

These events found much appreciation and praise from all the attendees and observers of these activities. In this great congregations and activities, University of Gezira has witnessed in this welcoming space the experience of its leading students in cultural, sports, creativity and scientific excellence.

University of Gezira has been able to harvest the fruits of the outstanding attention and supervision that led by the Deanship of Students’ Affairs, which has been able to prepare its teams and participating groups to the best of its ability, and provided for this qualified training strategies which led in turn to play its role in the refinement and training of the University teams, which was able to win 22 golden cups. Whereas its students, thanks to Allah, were able to win an infinite number of medals in all its ranks and to win the General Sports Cup. University of Gezira‘s students were honoured to present the concluding paragraphs of the programme.

The participation of the institutions of higher education in the states of the central sector was marvelous which has not been seen in the previous courses of this festival, that was because of the participation of new universities and colleges which participated for the first time, included: (Sinnar, Gezira, Blue Nile, Bakhtalruda, Holy Quran and Re-Organization Sciences, Al-Butana, Al-Managil for Science and Technology, White Nile, besides colleges of Wad Medani for Medical Sciences and Technology, Al-Fieig Technology, Faris Technology, Blue Nile for Technology, and Al-Hasahisa for Medical Science).

The Dean of Students’ Affairs at University of Gezira, Dr. Rodwan Gasm al-Seed, called for awarding the General Sports Cup to the spirit of Professor and scholar Mohammed Obaid Al-Mubarak, the founding Vice Chancellor of the University, in recognition of his sincere efforts and dedication to serve the issues of the University and enhance its role in the service of community issues, it was coincide with the history of these victories achieved with the timing of his passing away on 2/2/1985,  in Cairo during his participation in the session of the conference of African universities.