Community College conducts a Training Course for Employees of University of Gezira

Community College conducts a Training Course for Employees of University of Gezira

Community College launched on Tuesday a four-month training course for the employees of the University of Gezira.

The training course aims to provide Islamic, health, and environmental culture and skills that related to aesthetics, handicrafts, food industry, and home economics, all of which change the social and economic life of this group.

The implementation of this programme came in cooperation with the Workers Union at the University, which allocated its headquarters at Al-Nisheishiba Campus to host the training course which will be organised per 3 days a week.

The Chairman of Workers Union for workers of Higher Education at Gezira State, Dr. Abdullah Ibrahim stressed that; this training course is an essential foundation to improve the capacity and one of the strategic programmes included in the Union’s plan for this year.

He said that; the training courses had been organised at several different levels starting with the structures and were scheduled to be rolled out to cover all segments in order to achieve the overall goals of the Union.

Stressing that the Union is considering ways to ease the burden of living on the shoulders of the University employees through a range of programmes and activities aimed at securing consumer goods and the necessary needs.

He pointed out that; the partnership with the Community College will be extended to all the branches, units and campuses of the University as one of the programmes included in the plans of Women’s Secretariat within the framework of a comprehensive plan to improve women’s situation and increase their income through enhancing their participation in production.

Whereas the Dean of the Community College, Dr. Al-Tayeb Makki Al-Jilani pointed out that the process of reform for the society begins with training women and ownership of productive capacity through a carefully designed curriculum, announcing the readiness of the College to provide all possibilities for the course to achieve its objectives in refining the skills of the students.

The opening session of the programme was attended by the heads of Gazerat El-feel and Um-Sonot branches, as well as numbers of leaders of Workers Union at the University.