Dean of Community College checks out Female Learners of Wad Hussein Abu Logma

Dean of Community College checks out Female Learners of Wad Hussein Abu Logma

The Dean of the Community College, Dr Makki Al-Tayeb Al-Jilani, checked out on Saturday, the female learners of the batch 15th at Al-Musalamia branch, Wad Hussein training course. Which is attended by more than 40 learners of different ages and levels of education.

The Dean expressed his deep pride in the level of the community’s interaction with the College‘s programmes and the great success indicators that were reflected in the seriousness of the learners and their great desire to acquire the knowledge and science that they will reflect it in turn for the economics and society.

He praised the great support that this session found from the various components of the society, especially the People’s Committee, which had a great impact on deepening the learners’ benefit from the programmes which offered by the College and the positive impact that the families have begun to experience through Islamic, healthy, environmental culture, and the skills that related to aesthetics, handicrafts, food industry and home economics.

The Head of Musalamia branch, Uz. Abdel-Rahman Abu-His, praised the level of regularity of the learners and their increasing desire for learning and their material participation in supporting the course program through monthly contributions, as well as the society’s understanding of the positive results of the training and rehabilitation of women.

The learners confirmed their maximum benefit from the course programme, saying that they felt their role in life and one of them commented: (I swear to God that as if we were buried, and this training course revived us and took advantage of much of it). The learners mentioned that they gained different skills out of the College curriculum, the reinforcement of the social fabric, the family environment, social solidarity, improvement in their living, aesthetic, environmental and health conditions in the home, the organization of time, the acquisition of science and experience in life, and the sense of the value of production and legal (halal) gain.

The learners expressed their firm desire to reach an integrated society, improve their economic situation, gain health awareness in aspects related to medicine use, change many misconceptions, deal with children in scientific ways, and guide health in dealing with plastic waste.