Faculty of Economics revives the Anniversary of Dr. Yousef Al-Bashir Al-Nuwairi

Faculty of Economics revives the Anniversary of Dr. Yousef Al-Bashir Al-Nuwairi

On Friday the 26th of this January, The Faculty of Economics and Rural Development, revived the anniversary of the late, Dr Yusuf Al-Bashir Al-Nuwairi, who passed away in the mid-January 2017.

The Vice-Chancellor, Principal of the University, Dean of the Faculty of Economics, a number of Sheikhs of Abu Harraz, deans, professors of the Faculty of Economics, and the family of the Late were attended the commemoration ceremony which was held at Al-Shuhada Hall, Al-Nisheishiba Campus.

The Vice-Chancellor of the University, Prof. Mohd El-Sanousi Mohd, asked Allah to descend His mercy upon the Late. He said that the mass of the participants in this ceremony reflects the true love, and it is a sign that Allah loves the Late. Disclosing that the Late was doing the right without courtesy, was a scientist who spread his science to his students, and deep thought and wisdom, calling on Allah to make the blessing in his family.

While, the Principal of the University, Dr Malik Al-Naeem Mohd, was numbered the feats and achievements of the Late. He said: “He was like the ascetic Yusuf, the worshiper of Allah, and was the chanter of the Messenger Muhammad (pbuh)”. added that: “Who implant virtues in people would not die”. He considered the loss of Dr Yusuf Al-Bashir Al-Nuwairi, was the loss of science and scientists, disclosing that he was clean in his language, he had a good behaviour in dealing with his students and colleagues of professors and workers, which made people love him. “Despite his suffering with the disease, he continued to work with all diligence.” he added.

In turn, the Dean of the Faculty of Economics, Dr Mohd Awad Al-Karim, asserted that, Dr Yusuf Al-Bashir Al-Nuwairi, was one of the distinguished professors. He distinguished himself by his good companionship with others, the good dealing with all the teaching staff, and the keenness on strengthening the relations between the teachers and the employees. Stressing that they will walk in his path to implement his command to maintain good relations between the family of the Faculty.

A number of speakers praised the Late of scholars and the scientists, considered this ceremony as a reminder of his best deeds and experiences, stressing that the loss of the faithful scholars and keepers of the session of worship is a big loss. The death of scholars is a break that cannot mended, they said: “When, we weep upon him, we weep upon the science that was buried in the dust”. They added: “The deceased was a Sufi, a scholar and a worker for this life and life hereafter”.

The ceremony included a religious chanting, presented by the chanters; Anas Malik Al-Naeem Mohd Ali, Sheikh Ali Sadiq Amasaib and Sheikh Mohd Al-Ghazali.

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