Minister of Agriculture witnesses the Field Day at University of Gezira

Minister of Agriculture witnesses the Field Day at University of Gezira

DSC_2749-1-300x201 DSC_2749-300x201 DSC_2751-300x201 DSC_2754-300x201 DSC_2762-300x201 DSC_2767-300x201 DSC_2850-300x201 DSC_2869-300x201The Minister of Agriculture, Livestock and Natural Resources at Gezira State, Dr. Saif El-Din Abood, witnessed the Field Day, which organised today by the Institute of Horticultural Exports at University  of Gezira, at the Experimental University Farm in Nisheishiba, with the presence of the Vice Chancellor, Prof. Mohd El-Sanousi Mohd El-Sanousi, Deans of relevant faculties, Agricultural Research Representatives, Chairman of the Management Council of Taiba Quality Agricultural Association and a group of the interested experts.

The Minister of Agriculture said that the University  of Gezira is unique in solving the issues of society within its philosophy, stressing the integration of roles and coordination with the University to provide infrastructure for the start of the gardener’s release and the interest in agricultural research to increase production and productivity and support agricultural work, as well as research for more knowledge to achieve human welfare, and he praised the Institute of Horticultural Exports and its efforts in coordination with the Ministry in the development of horticultural exports.

The Vice Chancellor of the University, Prof. Mohd El-Sanousi Mohd El-Sanousi, stressed that the development of horticultural exports represents a strategic objective, which requires concerted efforts and the development of work and product aids for wider cultivation. He disclosed the University‘s responsibility to develop scientific research for further amelioration, praising the interest of agricultural policies in development and production. He said that this qualitative meeting reflects the integration of roles and partnerships which aimed at the success of agricultural work.

The Dean of the Institute of Horticultural Exports, Dr. Abdul Aziz Al-Ameen, said that the Field Day came to evaluate some varieties of vegetable crops exported in terms of resistance to agricultural pests and productivity and conformity to international standards and methods of sorting and packaging. In addition to the dissemination of the culture of the gardener and the introduction within Gezira Agricultural Scheme, and he called for specialists in the field of agriculture to take care of the export and recommendations with regard to the use of pesticides and times of agriculture.

A review of the good indicators obtained in the cultivation of varieties of (okra, melons of Kalia type, green beans, pea, onions and water melon).

The Representative of the Farmers and the Chairman of the General Assembly of the Association of Taiba, Mustafa Gamar, has confirmed that the message of the University of Gezira  to serve the community has yielded and reached the segments of society, pointing to the readiness of the Institute of Horticultural Exports to implement agricultural technical programmes for the gardener issued and revealed the cultivation of (100) which will be harvested by the end of January, and He announced the launch of the Nile Horticulture programmes in the Locality of Greater Wad Medani, during this month, and Gezira State in 2018 would be the State that export horticultural productions.