Graduation of 38 Trainees of University Police at University of Gezira

Graduation of 38 Trainees of University Police at University of Gezira

The Vice Chancellor of the University of Gezira, Prof. Mohd El-Sanousi Mohd, recommended the members of University Insurance Police to follow the scientific methodology in dealing with the events that occur in the University. At his address on the end of the activated training course of University Police Officers, which was held at the Hall of the Deanship of Students’ Affairs, Prof. El-Sanousi referred to the importance of training courses which make individuals perform their work with confidence and firmness. He pointed out that the University police members – for the University community – represent friends who contribute to the educational movement and called for early detection of cases, as problems start small and then become bigger, and work to reduce the adverse effects, pointing out that 90% of the work of University Police is a preventive action.

For his part, the Principal of the University of Gezira, Dr. Malik Al-Na’eem Mohd Ali, said that the University Police Department represents a real addendum to the Sudanese universities. He pointed out that the training courses have become some of the characteristics of the age.  He added that the neediest body for training those that are entrusted to provide high quality service. Praising the performance of the University Police during the last period, Dr. Malik Al-Na’eem confirmed that the police are an authentic partner for the stability of the University, he expressed the readiness for all the activities of the University Police Department to achieve its objectives.

The Director of Training Department at Gezira State Police Force, BGen. Ayman Hamid Sa’eed, said that the training course for the University policemen was on how to handle with the public, specifically the students, and the training course qualifies them to perform their essential role. He pointed out that University Police at University of Gezira presented an example to the police of all universities in the correct conduct and discipline. Praising the support that Gezira State Police Force found from the University of Gezira, calling on the graduates to follow a noble example and proper behaviour.

The Dean of Students’ Affairs, Dr. Rodwan Ahmed Gasm al-Seed, praised the efforts which exerted by the first batch of University Police. He pointed out that it set a model which must be followed by all universities. He asserted that the University of Gezira was the first body which initiated the University Police Proposal in 2012. Revealing that the University Police reports completely devoid of cases of negative manifestations, called on the Dean of Students’ Affairs to apply the slogan: (University-free from negative events).

On the other hand, Capt. Anas Arafa Al-Bashir, said that the graduates of the training course for the second group numbered 38 trainees. The training course started on the 19th of last December for two weeks during which the trainees received lectures on how to benefit from the work of securing universities, dealing with students, general lecture, how to deal with the civil defense, the legal aspects, benefiting from the work of the Police Security, and the work of management functions, praising the efforts of the University administration and its interest in training.

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