Gezira Youth Forum begins its Work

Gezira Youth Forum begins its Work

On Wednesday, December 20th, 2017, at the International Conference Hall, University of Gezira, started the activities of the Youth Forum which organized by the Deanship of Students’ Affairs in coordination with the Council of Child Welfare, State of Gezira, and a number of partners under the slogan: “Towards Active Role of Attentive Youth”.

The opening ceremony was attended by the following:

  • Minister of Social Affairs and representative of the Governor, Uz. Al-Fatih Bushra Hashash.
  • The Dean of Scientific Affairs and the representative of the University Vice Chancellor. Dr. Adel Daifallah Mohd.
  • The Dean of Students’ Affairs, Dr. Rodwan Ahmed Gasm al-Seed.
  • The Representative of UNICEF, Uz. Khaled Mousa.
  • Secretary General of the National Council for Child Welfare, Prof. Soad Abdel Alal. State of Gezira.
  • The Deans of the Faculties, the Directors of Administrations and the Employees of the University.


The session was opened by Verses from the Holy Quran, recited by Hiba Adel Ahmed.

The speech presented by the representative of the organizing Committee, the student, Ahmed Fathi Aldi … where the speech included the following lines:

  • He mentioned a matrix introduction of guests and attendees.
  • The State is promised with a package of programmes for youth.
  • Youth are the pillars of the future.
  • Diversity of youth represents a small Sudan.
  • The programme starts from Gezira It will be announced that Gezira State will be the first State to abandon genital amputation and mutilation.
  • Wagering the role of youth in social change.

After that, the Secretary of the Council of Child Welfare, Uz. Inaam Dulaib Al-Sir, presented her word which included the following axes:

  • She welcomed the attendees.
  • The best implemented projects were those which came through partnerships.
  • Systematic work promotes the success of social reform.
  • Abandoning negative practices leads to meet the requirements of international conventions for

The Deanship of Students’ Affairs, Dr. Rodwan Ahmad, University of Gezira, was presented his word as follows:

  • Legal provisions and legislation are useless in combating the phenomenon of female genital mutilation.
  • A community awareness project should be carried out to combat this phenomenon.
  • It is best to review the characterization of the phenomenon by defining it as a reduction rather than eliminating it because it is difficult to eliminate the social constants with ease.
  • Emphasize the good communication and strengthen the coordination relations with the competent authorities, especially the State of Gezira.

The representative of UNICEF, Mr. Khalid Mousa was presented in his speech the following:

UNICEF is supporting programmes through strategic partnerships.

– We hope that the State of Gezira is the first State to fight against the phenomenon of female genital amputation and mutilation.

  • To commend the important initiatives in this regard, including sound initiatives, friendship and compassion.
  • Wagering the role of young people in this aspect is a good wager because the interests and convictions of young people qualify them to play the role and function of social change.
  • Circumcision is still widespread and it has been proven that 86% of those aged between 15 and 45 have been mutilated to their genitals.

The Secretary of Scientific Affairs and the Representative of the Vice Chancellor of the University, Dr. Adel Daifallah Mohd, presented the following:

  • Welcomed the qualitative presence of this youth forum.
  • Secretary of Scientific Affairs apologized for the attendance on behalf of the Vice Chancellor of the University of Gezira for the prior engagement of the Vice Chancellor.
  • The logo of this forum carried great and important meanings.
  • Presented greetings to UNICEF for this initiative. With the clarification that the University of Gezira of its scientific commitment to the community will make use of all its potential for the success of this programme.
  • We will make the State of Gezira the first in reducing the phenomenon of amputation and mutilation of genital organs of the women.

Then, Uz. Al-Fatih Bushra Hashash, presented his word as follows:

  • He presented Greetings to the Government of Hope and Challenge.
  • Valuing the role and contribution of the University of Gezira in this issue.
  • Changing the established social concepts requires effort and hard work.
  • The indicator of population development in Sudan gives a preferential advantage to youth. Thus, the role of youth is central.
  • The Government of Hope and Challenge will review the laws and legislation that protect women from this harm.

We rely on our plan to reduce this phenomenon on the following specific axes:

  • Institutional axis.
  • Technical axis.
  • The economic axis.

*Working papers:

A working paper on Concepts of Social Norms was presented by Dr. Samira Ahmed Amin.

The session was managed by Dr. Tamador Mohd Khalid (UNICEF).


  • Samira Ahmed Amin.
  • Expert in the field of social norms and child protection.
  • Head of the Roxy Society.
  • Accredited former expert at UNICEF.


The speaker began her speech by introducing concepts of social norms … illustrating how social norms are enshrined … focusing on the role and content of social communication through culture and popular arts … narrating the story of Pharaoh and our Master Mousa.

She explained the misconceptions about the female genital mutilation:

  • Reducing the lust of the girl.
  • Topics of integrity and prudery.
  • Reducing the friction between the female organs and the underwear, which reducing the sexual excitement.
  • Avoiding the return of the circumcised girl to her family’s house after the wedding night.
  • Consecrating and attaching this practice to religion.

The spokeswoman refuted these claims and called for reducing this phenomenon and keeping the girl intact without mutilation or amputation of genital organs…. With the need for civil society to do its role to reduce the phenomenon in addition to the role of the family. With pride in the situation of intact girls.

The door of interventions was opened and focused on the following:

  • The role of religion in combating this phenomenon.
  • Advocating to the development of laws and legislation to ensure criminalisation of practice and punishment of practitioners.
  • Social encouragement and benefit from the houses of worship and the popular councils to minimize this phenomenon.
  • Encouraging the abandonment of practicing this phenomenon.
  • Highlighting the seriousness of this phenomenon to the girl’s future life.


  • Participation between the Ministry of Social Affairs and UNICEF.
  • In cooperation with the National Council for Child Welfare.

Programme of conceptual dialogues in Umm Al-Gura and East of Gezira.

Participating Groups:

1-Arwa Abdul-Gadir Mohd … Um Shaneg

2 – Babiker Abu Sabah Al Khader … Al-Hilalia

3 – Akasha Al-Gasim al-Ebaid … Wad el-Mehaidi.

4 – Abdel Samie Ali Jilani … Rufaa.

These facilitators were trained in the city of Rufaa. The goal is to achieve the slogan (Sudan is Free of Genital Mutilation and Underage Marriage)

The survey is conducted through three questions about awareness efforts:

1-Personal experiences of genital mutilation.
2. What do you know about Saleema?
3 – How to keep girls intact.

The implementation of the programme takes several forms in terms of numbers (individual – binary – mixed) … and on the axis of the categories of small – middle – senior mothers.

The dialogue and questions were opened on the following:

How measurement results are measured to see the level of abandonment.

– The role of midwives in promoting and continuing the phenomenon of female genital mutilation and amputation.

– How to transfer the idea and circulate it to all localities of Gezira state.

The goal which was achieved to strengthen the acceptance behavior of the idea of abandoning the phenomenon of amputation and genital mutilation and reduce the marriage of children or minors.

*Youth experiences to promote social norms:

The first initiative Car Accidents Street -Medani … Introduction paragraph, presented by the Head of the Initiative, Yasser Salah.
Definition: A non-political Humanitarian Initiative.

The idea: For the Medicine Bill not Comes Back … For our Prosperity … For our Hope… For the Eyes of our Children never Taste Defeat.

*Work and function:

Dealing with critical medical conditions.

– Avoiding the effects of poverty and addressing the inability to pay the bill of medicines.

– Organize blood donation campaigns.

– Provision of food for disabled patients.

– Seeking to provide an ambulance.

The number of committees of Car Accidents Street Initiative 42 committees across the States of Sudan.

Number of cases handled:

Condition satisfactory for children.

– Help in treatments.

– Assistance in tests.

– X-Ray Fees.

*How to attract support:

– From universities.

– From government institutions.

– External Appeals.

The initiative works to rehabilitate and train its employees and promote the values of cooperation and human sense.

*The initiative of your right to us, Medani …

Introduction of the definition: Nesma Abu Haitham

*The beginning of the initiative was 18/3/2017.

The objectives of the initiative are environmental in the first place … It is concerned with the cleanliness of social institutions from hospitals, mosques, restoration of walls and coating.


– The horror of autumn.

– Breakfast fasting.

– The Joy of Eid.

– Student Bag.

Of the projects that have been carried out, the completion of the mural Abu Jebel intersection as the largest mural in Sudan.