University Senate holds a Meeting No. 216

University Senate holds a Meeting No. 216

On the seventeenth of December, 2017, a periodic meeting No. 216 of the University Senate has been held in the International Conference Hall at Al-Razi Campus, with the attendance of the Vice Chancellor, Prof. Mohd El-Sanousi Mohd, the Principal, Dr. Malik Al-Naeem, the Secretary of Scientific Affairs, Dr. Adel Daifallah Amin and a number of professors of institutes, centres and faculties at the University.

The Vice Chancellor of the University of Gezira, Prof. Mohd El-Sanousi Mohd, presented a detailed report on the visits, participations and events that were recently conducted at the University.

The Director of Administration of Informatics, Dr. Maha Obaid Ziadah, presented a report on the electronic content and the website of the University, explaining that some websites have been translated into Arabic and English to complete the shortcomings. A new design for some administrative sites has also been done in both languages. The other Administrations also will be done. In addition to the provision of smart phone applications for University of Gezira, the Digital Content Committee has also been updated. The number of users has increased from 700 to 1800 users. Stressing that the total capacity of the network is not enough for the needs of the University. She attributed the slowness of network occurring due to the high-accuracy downloads and accessing to the network by non-employees of the University.

The University Senate, commended some of the students from different faculties who had the highest cumulative average (4,00).

19 Postgraduate programmes have been approved by the University Senate. The Centre of Safe Motherhood and Childhood has been changed to become the “Institute of Safe Motherhood and Childhood“, as well as the Administration of Informatics has been changed into the “Centre of Computer and Information Technology“.

The University Senate also gave condolence and mercy upon the Late; Prof. Mohd Al-Turaifi Mohd, who took over number of job positions, and he was a great contributor to this University.

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