University of Gezira completes First Job Description Project in Sudan

University of Gezira completes First Job Description Project in Sudan

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University of Gezira completed the job description project for academic posts, which is the first of its kind in the Sudan, in light of the university’s approach to achieving quality assurance.

The Chairman of the Committee of the Academic Job Description, Prof. Yousif Ali Rajab, announced today at the press conference in Al-Shuhada Hall, Al-Nisheishiba Campus, that the Committee has completed the job description of 61 jobs for units and academic sectors including senior administrations, deanships, faculties, institutes, centres, teaching staff and teaching assistants, technicians, assistants and laboratory curator, besides the Unit of Quality and Accreditation at the deanships, faculties and institutes.

Prof. Rajab said that this step came against the backdrop of the huge expansion which witnessed by the University in the number of students, which currently exceeded 36 thousand students, which it required to exert strenuous work on institutional development and commitment to total quality, especially with regard to governance systems, administration and human resources administration.

He pointed out that the University has turned to establish and develop the administrative system, similar to the academic system, in recognition of the University for the importance of the institutional work that distinguishes University of Gezira through establishing an administrative and organizational structure for all its units and specifically the job description for all posts at the University. He was noted that the work of the Committee had taken about five years. A framework form for job description was designed based on the work of specialized committees and with the assistance of experts from in and outside the University and based on documentation and experiences in the field of total quality and job description. It is worth mentioning that the Committee has registered the documentation of job description at the Intellectual Property at the time that it engaged through series of meetings to provide a job description for non-academic staff.