Scientific Trip for Faculty of Education Al-Hasahisa

Scientific Trip for Faculty of Education Al-Hasahisa

The students of batch 40th, Department of Geography and HistoryFaculty of Education, Al-Hasahisa, performed a scientific trip which destined for Khartoum State.

During the visit, the students viewed several important historical facilities in the history of Sudan, included the (House of Khalifa Abdullah Al-Taishi, in Omdurman and the National Museum in Khartoum).

The students accompanied by the Uz. Emad Abda-Rahman, Uz. Abdu-Latif Osman, Uz. Hassan Abdul-Rahim and Uza. Tasneem Kamal.

The trip was distinctive, which appreciated and admired by the students and supervisors. The students thanked the supervisors who accompanied them in this trip. It will be expected to set an honouring ceremony.

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