Dean of the Community College visits the learners of the Batch 15th at Al-Shibaik

Dean of the Community College visits the learners of the Batch 15th at Al-Shibaik

The response of a human to change his life for the better, is enhancing the motives of the whole community towards reshaping the human to look at a different angle, especially women; The goodness of women means the goodness of the family.

“Women began to feel a positive change in their lives after learning to be patient and acquiring healthy, environmental, religious cultures and skills in home economics, food and nutrition”. said women from the batch 15th of the Frejab branch of Al-Hasahisa Locality, Wad Raiyah Administrative Unit subsidiary of the South of Gezira.

These stories were presented to the Dean of Community College, Dr. Al-Tayeb Makki Al-Jilani, who visited Al-Shibaik, together with officials of the College, a true picture of a woman who was cut off from her time to sit in the study room to gain useful knowledge and benefit from its good fruits.

The Dean of the College stressed that one of the most important goals of University of Gezira is to serve the society and push women towards production, and to acquire positive behaviours that change the face of life of the family in both economic and social aspects, declaring his financial support to provide production inputs for studies, through providing microfinance.

He expressed his thanks and appreciation to the management of Al Safa Kindergarten in Al-Shibaik area, which was hosting the training course, promising to provide everything that would enable it to carry out its mission towards youth education and prepare them to be the leaders of the future.

The head of the Frejab branch, Mr. Mohammed Al-Amin Al-Badawi, pointed to a number of challenges facing this batch, including the provision of production inputs for the learners and securing the transport to Al-Shibaik, which is more than 30 kilometers away from the headquarters of the main branch in Frejab. Urging the students to exert more effort and regularity in the curriculum and employ all their potential to maximize the value of production, and raise the level of families economically and socially.

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