Training Course for Self-insurance Coordinators of the Popular Police concludes its Work

Training Course for Self-insurance Coordinators of the Popular Police concludes its Work

The Training Course of the Self-insurance Coordinators of the Popular Police was concluded its work on the 16th of  November, in the presence of the representative of the University’s Vice Chancellor, Dr. Ahmed Abdullah, Director of Quranic Centre, Dr. Ibrahim Abdul Muttalib, Head of the Training and Qualification Unit, Dr. Abdul-Gadir Khurshid, and a number of Heads of Units in the Quranic Centre.

Dr. Khurshid, stressed that this training period , which is the second of its kind, came within the partnership signed between the University and the Popular Police in the state, where the contents of the curriculum at the level of simple leading and covered three axis (social, security and promoting) and thanked the participants in the  training course, which he said it is distinguished through the interaction of students with lectures.

Head of the Department of Duaha and Society,  Dr. Hatem Ibrahim, stressed that the course is of interest in all segments of the society, in order to play its role towards various issues, he pointed out that it aims to provide people with knowledge, explaining that the department has other activities to serve the community inside and outside the University. He stressing that Greater Wad Medani Locality has a large contributions in the training courses.

The Coordinator of the Training Course, Uz. Mona Abdullah Al-Hassan, expressed her happiness towards this Training Course. Which is distinguished by the scholars, in which we taught the religious sciences and we celebrate the Silver Jubilee of the popular Police and thanked the teachers in the Quranic Centre for the great effort with the students.

The Director of the Quranic Centre at University of Gezira, Dr. Ibrahim Abdul Muttalib, explained that this is a training course of quality within the framework of the partnership between University of Gezira and the Popular Police in the State, and that the Quranic Centre serves the community, he said that it is a part of the University’s goals and academic studies, stressing the Centre’s keenness is on openness towards society and promised more training courses. He pointed out that the aim of the course is to train and qualify the coordinators to carry out their responsibilities.

Representative of University’s Vice Chancellor, Dr. Ahmed Abdullah expressed his happiness to graduate this bright constellation of  self-insurance coordinators. He said that the Quranic Centre was always ready for such useful initiatives. The representatives of the various State institutions have been hailed by these associations as a role for a large community through the students.

Stressing that there is a problem in the sense of security, especially as the Sudanese society in dire need of such courses, which will work to make a qualitative transfer in the community in addition to science and he thanked the Quranic Centre for these valuable courses.

At the end of the ceremony, certificates were distributed to the self-insurance coordinators of the Popular Police, who were studied at the course.IMG_0211-848x350