Festival of the 11th Quranic Contest

The Vice Chancellor of the University of Gezira, Prof. Mohammed El-Sanousi Mohammed, honoured the attendance of the 11th Quranic Festival, which was organized by the Center of  Sheikh Mohammed Ali Al-Majzoub for the Holy Quran and its Sciences in Fadasi Halimab, which came for the sixth year respectively, under the patronage of the General Secretary of the Federal Zakat Department Mr. Mohammed Abdul-Razig Mohammed Mukhtar, the attendees exchanged speeches, which included the speech of the Director of the Organization of Majzoub for the Service of the Quran and its Sciences, Prof. Mubarak Mohammed Ali Majzoub, where he  provided the  details on the establishment of the Organization and its branches and partnerships which  brings it  together with global, regional and local institutions and the future foreseeing of the organization and the nature of its work, which takes the nature of Islamic endowments.

In addition to that the Vice Chancellor of the University, presented the greetings on behalf of University of Gezira and its staff to the audience, and he was distinguished the family of the late Sheikh Mohammed Ali Al-Majzoub, and the students .The festival witnessed honoured gathering from Sheikhs of  “Khallawi” of Holy Quran, in the State of Gezira, the Deputy Vice Chancellor  of the University of the Holy Quran and Science Consolidation, the Vice Chancellor  of the Iqraa College, the representative of the People and Community Police and Zakat work leaders in the State of Gezira.  The certificates were distributed to the students and scholars at the end of the festival, which interspersed in the love and praise of (Prophet)Muhammad, Peace be upon Him.