(NOPRI) Holds a Scientific Symposium on Bio-Diesel and its Use in the Field of Energy

   The National Oilseed Processing Research institute (NOPRI), organized a scientific symposium entitled: (Bio-Diesel and its Use in the Field of Energy), under sponsorship of the Vice Chancellor of University of Gezira, Mohammed El-Sanousi Mohammed, which presented by Dr. Adib Haiyan, University of Malaya, Malaysia. The symposium is part of the activation of the agreement which signed with University of Gezira, to exchange experiences and enrich scientific research. The symposium focused on the production of biofuels from non-edible oils, in modern ways using the sources that stimulate the production of biofuels. The symposium addressed the challenges that facing biofuel production, which representative in economic cost and raw materials. Dr. Haiyan, reviewed his experience in University of Malaya, in the production of biofuels, he called on the official bodies to adopt the outputs of research, using the Malaysian experience. Where the oil palm tree was grown after it being brought from Africa. He expressed his full cooperation with University of Gezira in conducting all scientific research thereon. He acknowledged the importance of renewable energy production, biofuel is one of them. He attributed this to environmental factors and limited petroleum products. The symposium reviewed the chemical composition of vegetable oils and their importance in the production of biofuels to reduce environmental pollution and ensured the continuity of scientific research to further improvement and to approach the objectives.