International Journals show Interest in the Research of Prof. Al-Amin Al-Khalifa

International Journals show Interest in the Research of Prof. Al-Amin Al-Khalifa

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The Paper Submission Assistant of Scientific & Academic Publishing (SAP), was very interested in the research which conducted by the Lecturer at the Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Department of Food Engineering and Technology, Prof. Al-Amin Al-Khalifa, the research subjected to auditing and examining by qualified and experienced auditors. Prof. Al-Amin, who previously served as the Vice Chancellor of University of Gezira in 2009-2011, received an email from (SAP), which expressed its interest in his research and invited him to supervise and organize some of its scientific subjects through the so-called (Guest Editors).

The research was about: “Utilization of Sorghum (Feterita) Starch in Production of Fructose Syrup”, which conducted by Prof. Al-Amin, with the help of Dr. Najla Gasm al-Seed, Institute of Nuclear Medicine, and the Head Technicians in Food Analysis Laboratory, Mr. Hassan Ansari.

Prof. Al-Amin, said that the Feterita grain is relatively in rich protein and carbohydrates compared to other sorghum varieties. The starch isolated from Feterita grains had high amylose and water-soluble amylose contents.

The enzyme technology of glucoamylase is applied to the starch conversion process, giving added economic benefits to produce dextrose and dextrose syrups. In this process high starch concentrations can be used which requires less steam energy in subsequent evaporation, he noted to the use of wet milling technique in the process.

The materials which used in the research experiments, represented in sorghum grains (Feterita) were purchased from Wad Medani local market. a-amylase, amyloglucosidase and isomerase enzymes were obtained from NOVO Nordisk A/S Denmark. The standard glucose kits were obtained from MDSS GmbH, Hannover, Germany. It is noteworthy that the study has received the praise and admiration of many other scientific journals that expressed their willingness to publish it.