The Training Course of Maximizing Horticultural Exports Concludes its works at El Nishishiba

The Training Course of Maximizing Horticultural Exports Concludes its works at El Nishishiba

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The training course organized by the Professional Union of Agricultural Engineers was concluded  its work in cooperation with the National Institute of Horticultural Exports at University of Gezira, which held in Al-Shuhada Hall in El Nishishiba, during the period from 2-5 October, under the motto “Gezira State is a strong launch to maximize horticultural exports”, and issued its final recommendations. The workshop recommended with the establishment of a garden center by using modern technology to benefit from the potentials of Gezira State in this field, besides the coordinating body includes horticultural exports, Agricultural Engineers, Ministry of Agriculture and  agricultural research as an initiative to develop the gardener exports sector.

The final session was addressed by Director of the Department of Agriculture, Engineer Fadil Abdulmutallab at the Ministry of Agriculture, stressing the need to pay attention to the promotion of the file issued by the garden, which remained obsessed with disturbing the agricultural sector in the state, pointing to the need for sustainability in the field of garden.

The Secretary of Scientific Affairs Dr. Adel Daifallah, representative of the Vice Chancellor of the University of Gezira, expressed the economic importance of Horticultural Exporting and its support for the national economy, praising the great role which played by the integration of government institutions in pushing for the use of modern technology to promote this sector.

The representative of the General Union of Agricultural Engineers, Engineer Issam Al Hussein, called for signing a memorandum of cooperation between the Union and the University to push for the development of this vital and important sector. He said that the country witnesses openness in various fields after the economic embargo. The certificates were handed over to trainees.DSC_0191-1-848x350