Prof. Warraq: We Honour Sheikh Ismael for He does a Ceaseless Achievements

Prof. Warraq: We Honour Sheikh Ismael for He does a Ceaseless Achievements

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The initiative of honouring, the former Vice Chancellor of University of Gezira, Prof. Ismael Hassan Hussein, through the Media Network for Knowledge Communication, the current Vice Chancellor of the University of Gezira, Prof. Mohammed Warraq Omar, described it as a bright picture, since this honouring ceremony – unusually – included the Man at the top of his giving, he still offering to people good business and good achievements. Prof. Warraq had started his speech on the night of honoring Sheikh Ismael by reciting from Quran: “Are those equal, those who know and those who do not know?”. Stressing that thanking people for the thanks of God, Who (Almighty) made some people special on the Day of Judgment, who are safe, love the righteous deeds, seek to provide the needs of people and country. Pointing out that the performing of righteous deeds, does not necessarily have to be come from rich man with a high financial capacity. He added: Such man with his well-known enthusiasm, impartiality, and willpower, those are characters that make him an open door for good.

Prof. Warraq, went on saying; “This night, we honouring a professor of University of Gezira, and a Sheikh of Islam as well, for he is a Professor of scientific and academic standards. He holds a high degree in chemical engineering. He is the founder of the National Oilseed Processing Research institute (NOPRI), and most important of all that he is memorised the seven readings of the Noble Quran, Sahih Al-Bukhari, knowledge, and Islamic Science and Sharia. Prof. Warraq, asserted that it was rare in this time, for a man to combine between the applied sciences and the sciences of Quran and Hadith.

He considered that the love of Professor Ismail to the University of Gezira and his keenness to make it a distinguished one among all universities, for that “we owe him love or care”. Addition to that, his care for poor people and inspecting the living conditions of the widows, he had many initiatives, including interest in the establishment of the Desert Studies Institute, at Northern State, and his interest in oil palm research, who was transferred its experiments to the Blue Nile and South of Kordofan States, moreover his distinguished relations with the University of Gadarif. Yet, Prof. Warraq, believes that the initiative of safe motherhood and childhood is one of the most important initiatives which launched by Sheikh Ismael in 2005, and then it developed with a proposal from him in 2015, to be changed into Center. At this time, the Administration of the University is endeavouring to develop it into an institute. The aim of this initiative is to reduce maternal and neonatal mortality to the extent possible by promoting care and attention.

Prof. Warraq, reconfirm through his speech that “Sheikh Ismael is considered as a school at the University of Gezira, (We have learned a lot from him)”. he added.