Executive Manager of the Group “SUDATEL” Sheikh Ismail is one of the  people of Sudan

Executive Manager of the Group “SUDATEL” Sheikh Ismail is one of the people of Sudan

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In the series honoring the pioneers of excellence, the company “Sudatel” sponsored the program honored many of the pioneers in the Sudan,, and  began with Sheikh Ismail Hassan Hussein, the former vice challencer of the University of the Gezira.

The ceremony will be attended by Field Marshal Abdulrahman Sowar Al-Zahab, Al-Sadiq Abdulla Abdul Majid, Wassal Al-Mahdi, Professor Hassan Abuaisha, Adel Al-Aqab, Moulana Obaid Haj Ali and others.

Tariq Hamza, executive manager of  Sudatel Group, a member of the University Council, said that there will be a shield for excellence from the Presidency, a documentary film and a photo exhibition for the pioneers of excellence.

Sudatel is one of the national companies that has had a major impact on the history of the Sudanese economy.

Tariq Hamza began his speech by citing the quote: (Salman of  the people of the house) and measured by: (Ismael of  the people of Sudan) .. And for him, Sheikh Ismail is the father, friend and teacher, who believes the words of the poet:The teacher was a messenger
Tariq’s vision of the great gathering that followed the ceremony made him proud of the people of Sudan. He said that this scene calls for pride around us that these people have come to this country.

The first step of the media network for knowledge communication as mentioned above was the share of Professor Ismail Hassan Hussein, former director of the University of Gezira, where the award came at the top of the tender.

Professor Ismail is one of the scientists known for their outstanding scientific contributions. He is a researcher at the National Institute for the Manufacture of Oil seeds (Nubri), the first founder of the African Chemistry Society, a founding member of the African Mushaf House and a member of the Society of Sudanese Engineers.

Sheikh Ismail was born in the city of Atbara district of Umm Bakol in 1946, spent various stages in Atbara, then moved to the Faculty of Chemical Engineering, University of Khartoum, received a master’s and doctorate from the University of Aston Birmingham, England.

He joined  University of Gezira in September 1982 in the Faculty of Engineering and Technology. He served as a professor in the department and was its president in May 1988.