Prof. Sanusi: “Eid Greetings Program is a Marvelous Legacy”

Prof. Sanusi: “Eid Greetings Program is a Marvelous Legacy”

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The Deputy Vice Chancellor of the University, Prof. Mohammed Al-Sanusi Mohammed, described the program of Eid greetings as a marvelous legacy of the University of Gezira, in order to connect the souls with love and optimism. he described the word of love as it has beautiful meanings and which reflects solidarity, good faith and harmony of satisfied souls. He added: It is rare to find a dean beside a dean and a faculty replaces another with smooth manner, which rarely exist around the world, but only at the University of Gezira.

Prof. Sanusi, preached the great renaissance that the University is organizing, indicating that it comes in accordance with a well thought methodology and planning, stressing that any idea contributes to the development of the university is welcome. The Deans of the two Faculties of Arts and Educational Sciences, set up a mini-committee to study and prepare the development project proposal and promised to provide the necessary support. Al-Sanusi’s speech came at the end of the session, which was attended by all the staff of the Faculty of Arts and Educational Sciences at the University Campus at Al-Kamlin in the framework of the Eid greetings program.

The Dean of the Faculty of Educational Sciences had started the conversation and thanked the University Administration in general and Prof. Sanusi in particular, wished that the Eid will return to the University of the Gezira and its employees in good health and blessing. The Dean of the Faculty of Arts, Dr. Homaida Mohammed Ahmed, praised the uninterrupted communication, which it takes a more serious and organized form specially on Eid occasions. He stressed that the affiliation of employees at the faculty is not only for the job, and considered it as one of the good things that stimulate the work at the faculty, for the Faculty will welcome its second students’ batch in October.

Dr. Homaida also extended a special congratulation to the Head of the Department of Information and Public Relations. He praised the vision of the University Administration of choosing such good employees who in return presented a list of remarks, wishing to find a high consideration and care, they also presented their thanks to the University Administration.

Prof. Al-Sanusi, expressed his thanks and appreciation to the family of the faculty, he explained that it came as a result of a creative idea, he expressed great interest and keenness to complete all the shortcomings in the facilities of the Faculty and stressed that the University is looking forward to achieve such progress.