Students’ Dean Waives the Financial Dues of the Deanship

Students’ Dean Waives the Financial Dues of the Deanship

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The Dean of Students’ Affairs, Dr. Rodwan Ahmed Gasm al-Seed, announcing the donation of two thousand SDG to the employees of the Institute of Islam Knowledge, as well as waiver of the financial dues of the Deanship of Students’ Affairs for the favour of Abuharraz Campus, in order to complete the shortcomings.

Dr. Rodwan with his Deputy, Dr. Ahmed Kody, presented the Eid greetings on behalf of the Vice Chancellor of the University of Gezira to the deans of the faculties and their staff at Abuharraz and Hantoub. He also met with the family of the Islam Knowledge Institute and the Student Welfare Fund. Dr. Rodwan praised the achievements of the Faculty of Education in the domain of buildings, noting that after the meeting with the family of the Faculty, the maintaining of its excellence was due to its wise administration, promising to complete the work in rebuilding the playgrounds for sports, and he received an enlightenment from the Dean of the Faculty, Dr. Zeinab Kasab, on the project of building labs for the faculty.

On the other hand, Dr. Rodwan, stressed that the Institute continued to provide important missions, in addition to its interest in scientific research, and praised the aesthetic form of the Institute and the employees’ keenness to preserve it in its bright form, he donated two thousand SDG, one hundred for each worker.

In the same context, Dr. Rodwan, undertook the contribution of 150 thousand to complete the work at the cafeteria of Abuharraz Campus, Faculties of “Forests – Law – Science”. He also announced his waiver of the financial dues of the Deanship in favour of the completion of the imperfections in the buildings of the Campus, He promised to hand over a detailed report containing the demands of the Campus to the University Administration, which has been mentioned by the Dean of the Faculty of Law, Dr. Kamal Al Ameen, that represented the improvement of services to the students, purchasing of a generator and solving the problem of the transportation. Dr. Rodwan concluded Eid greetings by paying a visit to the family of the Student Welfare Fund, and he reviewed the progress of the University Campuses.