Celebration with the Graduation of 60 Female Learners of the Community College at Al-Huda, and the Establishment of two Branches of the College at Al-Managil

Celebration with the Graduation of 60 Female Learners of the Community College at Al-Huda, and the Establishment of two Branches of the College at Al-Managil

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University of Gezira Community College celebrated with the graduation of 60 female learners of the batch 16 at Al-Freijab branch.

Whereas this batch spent a training course in the Community College curriculum, which consists of Islamic studies, public health, environmental health, and nutrition both theoretical and practical, as well as aesthetics.

The Deputy Commissioner of Al-Managil Locality for the National Conference Affairs, Uz. Al-Raiyah Yousef Ibrahim, stressed that the Community College at University of Gezira has made a considerable activity among the community and the people of Al-Huda region and considered it as an important message for the University. He called for the establishment of more branches in different regions of the State, towards production, announcing that the local authorities will provide all forms of support so that the Community College plays its role in promoting human beings.

The Dean of the Community College, Dr Al-Tayeb Makki al-Jelani, announced that the University Administration approved to establish two branches of the Community College at Al-Oqudah and Al-Huda, at Al-Managil region. This is according to the background of urgent demands from the people of the region, as the implementation measures reached its final stages, expected to start activity in the two new branches, the next October.

He also praised the female graduates of Al-Huda region, describing this batch as a distinguished from the fact that the exhibitions revealed the food, nutrition, aesthetics and other skills acquired during the training period.

The Head of the Freijab Branch, Uz. Mohammed Al-Amin Al-Badawi, praised the efforts of the people of the region in supporting the programs of the College to carry out its message in the society, stressing that the female graduates of this batch of different ages and levels of education have been challenging to seek knowledge and increase it, and the reconciliation between home and the college, and made an unique production in the field of scientific and practical materials in the side of food and nutrition, he calling for female learners to apply the curriculum of the College in their careers, and employ it economically to increase the income of the family. The representative of the graduates, Ahlam Abdulrahman Hamid, has been praised the uniqueness of the University of Gezira of the transition to rural communities to disseminate education, He described this step as representing a high-level culture that serves women in their daily lives in terms of filling their leisure time for benefit and usefulness, as well as developing talents and capabilities, in addition to economic projects that contribute to raising the burden of living. The authorities of the Locality demanded that women should be empowered, cared for with all forms of support, so that the Community Colleges can play a role in promoting women.f5ff4ed9-bc99-4aaa-a513-4134a48fa9b3-848x350