The Representative of Sudatel Group is on the Council of the University of Gezira

The Representative of Sudatel Group is on the Council of the University of Gezira

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The Sudatel Group expressed its deep pride for the representation of its chief executive officer (CEO), Tariq Hamza Zain Al Abidin, on the Council of University of Gezira, as a step that will enhance the fields of joint cooperation and as a platform for reaching wider horizons that push this partnership forward. The Deputy of the CEO of Sudatel Group of Financial Affairs, Sami Yousef Mohammed, who was arrived at the University with a delegation of the Company, stressed their readiness to provide all forms of technical support to the University in order to promote the academic, technical and social development efforts. During the mutual meeting with the University Administration at Al-Shohada Hall in the University Campus ‘Al-Nisheishiba’, pointing out that the role of Sudatel is not limited to the communication aspect, but also extends to the social responsibility. The group has been actively involved in the promotion of the healthy environment. It has carried out important health work in the construction of hospitals, intensive and intermediate care complexes, and providing support for a number of hospitals and health centers with advanced medical equipment and quality, in addition to expanding the central ambulance project in order to reduce the time to reach the patients.

He added: “As the human being is the real focus of development and investment, and the component that opens up wide horizons for growth and development, the interest of Sudatel is in the education which has implemented through it many quality projects that have addressed the real need of society in this regard, including various educational institutions. He said that the water was one of the important points of the interest to Sudatel, especially in the rural areas that suffering from thirst and water scarcity, where 52 projects were implemented in the construction of water stations, supporting networks and building the installation of tanks and pumps, these projects has contributed in the stability of these areas.

The rural people were very happy of these projects, which facilitating the delivery of other services for them, and that gives a start for the march of comprehensive development, because water is the lifeblood. The Vice Chancellor of the University of Gezira, Prof. Mohammed Warrag Omar, welcomed the announcement of the CEO of the Sudatel Group, as a member of the Council of the University of Gezira, about the establishment of a Research Chair for Social Responsibility in the University. Stressing the need for forming a partnership between the University and the Company on the basis of give-and-take, and developing this partnership through a cooperation agreement between the two parties. He also revealed that the university has a database base and information that is the largest of its kind in the state and Sudanese universities. Pointing out that the Ministry of Higher Education interests in the informatics within the universities, led it to finance the project of connecting the university campuses in Wad Medani with amount of 550 thousand pounds. The University had a wide dissemination base, which consisting of four compounds, 24 faculties, eight research institutes and 18 research centers. He suggested that the internal networking should be strengthened and that the database should be expanded.

The members of the delegation, pointed to the need to enhance the chances of success of the relationship between academic institutions and private sectors, based on the principle of give-and-take, under the umbrella of a rapid industry towards the evolution, stressing their readiness to provide technical support in the internal networking as well as training. They stressed the need to employ the energies of young people and students and equip them with the necessary skills to benefit from the possibilities of the Sudatel Group and the huge research power of the University in order to benefit the company with more revenue, and to promote the academic institution to further developments.