The Community College Celebrates  with the Graduation of 27 of the Students of the Batch “15” in the Branch of Dalawat Al Bahr

The Community College Celebrates with the Graduation of 27 of the Students of the Batch “15” in the Branch of Dalawat Al Bahr

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The switch to production is one of the solutions that scientists have seen it as an exit way from the economic distress that the country had suffered for 20 years as a result of economicsiege and sanctions. University of Gezira has sought to change this economic situation through the community college between the living needs and the conditions of pride within the Sudanese society,many economic values that the world does not care about has been lost.A country such as Netherlands has a herd of four million cows that invade their dairy products all over the world, raising many questions about a country such as Sudan has an estimated 81 million of livestock, though it lives in an economic hardship and a dreadful increasing in animal prices.Based on these issues which aroused by the Dean of the Students Affairs at the University of Gezira, Dr Ridwan Ahmed Gasm al-Seed, during his speech at the celebration of the Community College graduation of 27 of the students of the branch at Dalawat Al Bahrin the late of July. The need has become urgent to reconsider how economic resources are handled throughout Sudan,there is a great deal of talk between a normal comprehensive perspective that has no value for resources, and the rationalization of these resources for purposes of export.Considering the Community College;the first of its objectives is to enable people to contribute in the living-style,reinforcing the individual’s contribution to the economy,this requires a different view from the College, which requires it to update the curricula permanently to overcome what Dr Ridwan has mentioned, as it a big problem in how to deal within the home and family.The opening of doors to study electricity engineering and cars at the faculty for those who did not complete their education from the youth, is considered as major stridesin the way of transition to the production cycle. This comes at the time that Dr Ridwan has revealed about the motivation of the proposal that he presented to the quartermasters of the state locality, to allocate a branch for marketing the products of the Community College students.”They are ready to support the course of students by providing microfinance, seeking with the university administration to provide sewing machines, and with the college to provide (ovens) for those who are interested in production”. he said.The horizons that the Community College has crossed was to give the youth means of production andtargeting the prison female inmates and providing them with means of production, along with the targeting of a large number of slums where lurking diseases, and crimes.According to the Dean of the College, Dr Al Tayeb Makki Al Jilani, has completed its arrangements to celebrate the graduation of 66 female prisoners in Wad Medani prison, targeted by the College with a program which spent half a year to complete in order to provide them with the Islamic, health and environmentalculture,and skills related to aesthetics, handicraft and food making, as well as administering home economics,all of which are factors enable to make changes in the social and life economic of this group.In fact, it’s about concentrating on the simple people,an attempt to change, and push towards positive productive behaviour, and fill the gaps by which is benefiting,changing the view of this group towards the community and asserting that they are not an isolated class, and they have to eliminate the feeling of social injustice, besides emphasizing the interest of the institutions in this class of people through these social and economic programs.

In return to Dalawat Al Bahr; the initiative of the citizen Al-Buraey Mohammed Sulieman who hosted the students batch 15, for nearly half a year, has embodied the meanings of a genuine generosity of a thoroughbred Sudanese man and the profound reaction about the Community College programs which the Dean has confirmed that the college is a wide house hold people with good morality and principles, he made a comment, saying: “Those people for us are better than seven petroleum wells”.


Beyond Ambition

By the opening of fourteen branches in the State of Gezira, Community College has exceeded the ceiling set by its founding Dean Dr. Babikir Abdel Razek, at the founding meeting of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, which included Professor Mubarak Al-Majzoub, and representatives of the universities that wanted to establish faculties of society with wishes that did not exceed the maximum of three faculties, while the University of Gezira wished to establish eleven branches of the College.

Although the man has become a group of migrating minds, nostalgia has returned him to the branch of the Faculty of Dalawat Al Bahr to witness the graduation of the batch 15 and saw his seeds which he has planted since 2004, and received people who follow him, and others came after him to complete this march.


Completion of Establishmentf5ff4ed9-bc99-4aaa-a513-4134a48fa9b3-848x350


After the establishment of the Community College in the region of Fadasi Foundation, the fever of incorporation moved to the whole of Sudan, and became the first to contribute to deliver the University’s message to the countryside. The best thing about education was the mould ofthe Head of Dalawat Al Bahr branch, Sheikh al-Raiyah Abd Allah, which was the contribution of a man to teach himself through a contribution that some may see as a little but highly valued in the community college. It is expected that by the end of 2017, the completion of the buildings of the college, which was built through those who make charity preferred to block themselves from the people, and Sheikh al-Raiyah saw that this building was based on raising a generation, in his view the raising of generations falls on the shoulders of learners. As it was the batch15, the branch of Dalawat Al Bahr has more than one thousand and two hundred students. On a scale of 14 branches, there are more than 12 thousand graduates, besides 20 students from among 60 students trained in the fields of lathing and cooling, a move intended to raise the standard of living of families.
The construction of women’s missionary duties of the faculty of society, based on the rule that the exploitation of potentials in the human being driven by creativity and emotion in its issues. Education, proper behavior, family cooperation, and the establishment of a good society, insured, interdependent, compassionate, the branch of Dalawat Al Bahrthat it is possible through the community college to deliver this message to the nation. There are other values that may be found only in the community colleges. The heads of the 14 branches are all imams of mosques; they may differ in many choices, but they contribute to the delivery of the message and the realization of the lofty values that the Almighty desires.


Achieving Goals

As for the students of batch 15 at the branch of Dalawat Al Bahr, who spent five months in the college, most of the goals for which the university moved from the city to the countryside and the valley have been achieved. According to what has been mentioned by the representative of the students, Mahasin Muhammad Ali, the religious awareness and helping women to raise an Islamic generation according to the laws of sharia. In addition, the development of the capacities of women in all aspects of life, including health, aesthetics, community development, women’s development, the preservation of religious and moral values, increased welfare, the standard of living and the maintenance of security, economic and social stability.

The students highlighted the extent of the acquired skills in aesthetics, food and nutrition, and in the field of public health, where the students learned the first aid, treatment of diarrhea, drug injection and other skills, and in the field of sanitation of the environment students are engaged in tree planting, ornamental saplings, preservation of the environment and energy sources, but the students need remains urgent for support for ovens, machinery, textiles and plumbing for training purposes.